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To the earth to overheat. do not bite.

Glaciers are melting, pollution is increasing, vertebrates die out, the insects stop pollinating and I have not unless you jogged this my patterns of life at all.

I are already good. I donate to Doctors without borders (on auto debit), never buy clothes (only sometimes), takes cash from home to beggars (though often forget), and helped in a soccer team of refugees, but stopped because of lack of time). All had beautiful thoughts been put into practice, I would be an exceptionally fine person.

the Most awkward is the climate. It requires daily inspection. I sacrifice already friends and concerts, how should I will find the time to have an intimate relationship with the earth?

Perhaps the behavior to train up, like a muscle, like the ability to be empathetic. The first time it is difficult to buy a sandwich to a homeless because you are above. The fourth time you have become more proficient and tenth time, you are such a brilliant mackgivare that it requires minimal effort. It is possible to reduce the carbon footprint in the same way?

In that case fast my starting point. The vegetarian choices are just as fat as the other and neither costs more or tastes off. I rescue no threatened species by eating the halloumi, but get twice-a-week practice to give up a resource privilege. It should give skill. Soon I will be evenly matched with the nation of Sweden, which in the last year decreased köttintaget with 2.2 kg per person, and only fly the stryker, I mince meat from the cart, the car, taxiresorna.

Environment training. Falafel as a philanthropist. Does it work?

I expect how Maria Wolrath Söderberg shaking the head at the proposal. She has a phd in rhetoric at Södertörn university, and is studying the gap between the swede’s understanding of the environment and oförmåg to trade.

– You have thought that small klimathandlingar have a överspridningseffekt, but some studies suggest that people use the new habit, a so-called lowcost-sacrifice, in order to avoid having to take while in the highcost-habits. On the contrary, is better. Have you done away with the car so not phase throws you tuggummipappret on the street, ” she says.

In war, we make huge sacrifices, which we send even our sons to the front. For the future of humanity is many are unwilling to forgo a holiday trip.

– What has proved the driving force is peer pressure and to some extent the feelings of shame. We are not acting for the children’s sake, but from fear of what the neighbors will think. It is horrible… but stupid not to take advantage of, ” says Wolrath Söderberg.

In the greenhouse gas emissions calculated is the 74 000 journeys on a flight. To live as a vegan is good, but it takes two years to reduce its carbon footprint so that it corresponds to a longer flight. And to blame the politicians or the chinese or the united nations is untenable, all big changes have to simultaneously be up and down in the pyramid.

Maria repeats the word shame again. She wishes that the solution would be neater, but the evidence is pointing callous and stubbornly against the need for more moralising in the issue of climate change.

personally, I had hoped for another punch line, an invitation to eat fried cheese, but the land here:

Talk to your friends about the problem. Was bothersome, change attitudes, to reel off figures. And see not the one that flies domestically as a villain.

is a dork.

power of thinking

▪ ”Now, the plan is to build one of the largest wind farms in the village, with over thirty 180-meter high wind turbines, in the woods where I pick blueberries and mushrooms. This makes the evil in me”. So writes Maria Wolrath Söderberg in a very readable article on the responsibility for major changes.

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