great success for the Swiss athletics : Fabienne Schlumpf at the Elite and Delia Sclabas in the case of the Junior must give to the Cross-EM in the Dutch town of Tilburg is only one opponent beaten. In extremely difficult conditions, deep soil and water games, showed smurf a tactically very clever race: The EM-silver medallist in the Steeple pushed in the first of six laps on the pace to be at the top of the 70-strong field was a turning point.

The managed a six-group, two-time Turkish champion Yasemin Can from continued. However, at Kilometer 6 of 8.3 Betcup smurf found the connection again, because they ran shorter routes and a more balanced pace. And then it looked for some time even after the first EM-Gold since 1999 for Switzerland: smurf the race – had to have of Can but re-obtain, and for a second ran in 26:06 minutes behind this. In the previous year they had lost as the Seventh of 36 seconds on the Can 2018 will be able to have the Swiss as the year of big progress, and its greatest successes.

In the race for the Junior women, it was Sclabas similar: in The end, she had to admit only of the Italian Nadia Battocletti, a second hit – your race had over 4.3 km. (mos)

Created: 09.12.2018, 14:03 PM