dogs frolic on their own in the area. It’s not always possible, and for this case, there is linen. Which is the best? Nine models in the Test.

By Christine Mortag

At the dearest dogs would probably want to run around freely, but sometimes you need to be on the leash. Finally, in Germany there is a local leash law, which governs the when and the Where and How on the public roads in built-up areas. The provisions, however, are quite complicated and different in each Federal state. Only the question of the right leash. The topic is about as diverse as the regulations. Of course it comes with the selection on the dog and Ngbahis the preferences of the holder, the Material and the purpose of use.

The POI Tests at a Glance

These, and all other SZ-product tests here.

The best-known and most widespread type is the leash, often made of Nylon, neoprene or leather. “The length can usually be adjusted so you go for walkies in the city, as well as for a walk in the country,” explains dog trainer Beatrice Rosenthal. Popular for outlet in the Green of the tow line, which is characterized by its length. The dog can move in a Radius of about ten meters, and the holder has him still under control. In addition to the most common linen types, the expert tested two weeks long, among other things, on a Hiking tour in South Tyrol, also a Flexi-Short and Jogging leash. Dogs on a leash, there are longer than one thinks. They were on a leash, the evidence of archaeological discoveries in Saudi Arabia, it has been more than 9000 years.