Bjørn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson is something very special in american sports. And should you be in doubt about the truth of it, one should read the portrait of danseduoen here.

Bitsch and Williamson may, after yet another terrific season on the dance floor to celebrate the 2018 earned them two world championships. First in the 10-dance in Portugal in november – it was their seventh title in the discipline. And ago in Moscow in the standarddans.

“It is indescribably cool! All Dumanbet just play, and we dance the best, to date we have danced, and end up winning all five dances”, said Bjorn Bitsch to the DR, since the pair had landed after guldtogtet in Russia:

“We are træningsnarkomaner and trainer as insanity. We optimize all the parameters, we can”.

the Performance brings Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson in on the list of the largest Danish sports performance in 2018.