460.000 dollars – or exactly double of what the average dane over 14 years served in 2017.

This is what you must get rid of to get the keys to the most pared-down version of the car that reached the top of the salgslisten for new cars in november. It has a star on the front, a ‘C’ on the tailgate and belongs to the so-called D-segment, where many firmabilister goes on the hunt for a new car.

the Car is a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and may, with 628 copies sold call themselves the first model in the exclusive class, which ranks first in years. It writes The Danish car importers.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class beat in the last month a large number of danskerfavoritter as the Peugeot 208, Nissan Qashqai and VW Golf. Photo: Daimler

The much sought after C-Class and lay a good piece in front of the somewhat more attainable the Volkswagen Polo. Although one would almost be able to bought three copies of the latter for the same price, patterned this just 561 copies sold in november.

Where the VW Polo is a cast among the best-selling cars, is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, in turn, a later addition. In september and October, respectively, 236 and 276 copies rolled out on the Danish roads, and the car is only 16. the most sold model, when you look at the statistics for 1. January to 31. October.

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a total Of 2639 copies of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is rolled out on the Danish roads from 1. January to 31. October of this year. Photo: Daimler

part of the justification for the C-Class of the race must be found in that leasingmarkedet is beginning to flourish again. The Danish car importers writes that leasingbilerne accounted for 42 percent of sales in november, which is almost on a par with the level before the market was regulated last year.

The policy intervention was given according to the organization, the share of leasing cars to fall all the way down to 30 percent.

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The total monthly car sales has grown along with leasingmarkedet. In all 17.918 car keys were hit over-the-counter in november, and the sale looks directly out to be back on track after being drilled in the autumn months.

Here was the number of new car registrations affected by the fact that a new and more demanding method for the testing of the contamination was introduced in the european UNION. It was uncommon for many danes to buy a car in august, before the claim occurred, and in the subsequent months, several car manufacturers have been struggling to get approved their cars for the new requirements.

nevertheless, in all 204.637 new cars have been sent out on the Danish roads, which according to The Danish car importers means that the sale keeps almost the same level as last year. Here had the sales also slingret through the autumn because of a Danish afgiftsomlægning.

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