“The culmination of karnevalssäsongen is here”

“mardi gras is inside and the karnevalssäsongen has reached its boiling peak. Around in front of all catholic countries are marching people in colorful parades, dressed up in imaginative costumes. Food and drink in abundance belong to the party on ash Wednesday begins lent.”

“the Carnival in Rio is the most famous. Many have probably heard of mardi gras (shrove Tuesday) in New Orleans and the carnival in Venice. But carnivals means not only the plumes and sequins, jazz bands or venetian masks.”

“In German cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz are karnevalssäsongen long and are usually called”

“In Ivrea near Turin in Italy, fought battles between the various groups who throw oranges at each other, symbols of popular rebellion against the ruling tyrants. In the Basque country in northern Spain, you can face the hooded people dressed to the old bags (zaku zaharrak).”