As a Protest against domestic violence, women’s low set on Tuesday in Israel for their work. The trigger for the violent death of two female teenagers in Tel Aviv, and Jisch. Politicians and businessmen have called for the strike, 232 institutions provide their employees with no pay cut. the Alexandra Föderl-Schmid Alexandra Föderl-Schmid

Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, born in 1971, in September 2017 at the süddeutsche Zeitung, and reports on Israel and the Palestinian territories. Prior to that, she was for ten years editor-in-chief and later Co-editor of the Austrian daily newspaper The Standard and of the news portal She has studied journalism, political science and history, and about the dual broadcasting system in Germany, with a PhD, she was also a 2005 Reuters/APA-Geiringer-Fellow in Oxford. She was awarded the Austrian Kurt-Vorhofer prize for political journalism and the Constitution price. In addition, she was instrumental in the re-establishment of the press Council in Austria.

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In Israel go on strike this Tuesday, the women’s masters, encouraged by President Reuven Rivlin, Knesset speaker, Yuli Edelstein, as well as dozens of citizens and heads of corporations. Start-up companies as well as supermarket chains. A minimum of 232 institutions provide their employees with no pay cut, so that you can participate in one of the dozens of demonstrations across the country. These actions have the goal, on a taboo topic: domestic violence.

a Sad occasion for these activities are cases of two in front of a little more than a week, known of death: A 13-year-old Asylum seeker from Eritrea was raped at home in Tel Aviv by the former Partner of her mother and beaten to death. In the North of the country was killed in the village Betgaranti of Jisch a 16-year-old Arab Israeli. Arrested two neighbors.

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Airbnb is taking units iraelischen Siedlingen offer

Airbnb takes all the properties in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank from the program.

Thus, the number of girls and women who arrived in Israel through acts of violence related to them men died, rose this year to 24. In international comparison, the would not even a lot, for Israel, the number is, however, a sad record. Therefore, and also due to the disappointing policy responses to the death of the young women, spontaneously resulted in a wide protest movement – in the same country, in the “Me Too”debate found little reverberation that shook up the world of women and also men.

In the past few days, were first made public questions. What happened to the announced program to combat domestic violence? The government had to admit: In the Cabinet a Budget, although in July 2017, equivalent to 60 million euros decided, but the Ministry of Finance have released these funds for inexplicable reasons, never.

Netanyahu is a rebuke of his wife

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the question is, why is he on the 21st was directed. November, voted in the Knesset against a motion, a parliamentary Committee for the investigation of violence against women. His short answer: “Because the application has been tabled by the Opposition.” This earned him a rebuke from his wife, Sara, in front of journalists. She had been surprised, as you’ve heard of it. The background of the application do not appear to be have been quite aware of it, they rebuked him.

Four days later, the couple Netanyahu visited a house in Jerusalem, in the women’s refuge from violence can find. From there, the Premier rushed directly to the Cabinet session and announced that a Ministerial Committee should be established to the issue of violence against women – and that he himself would direct it. When he was informed that such a Committee existed under the leadership of the Minister of public safety, insisted Netanyahu on his proposal.

were displayed As two days later, ten women with a Transparent with the inscription “violence starts in the corridors of Power” in front of the official residence of the Prime Minister demonstrated, the red color on the street distributed and placed, you will by the police and taken away. Now you will lead the largest Demonstration on Tuesday evening in Tel Aviv.