When Mette Synnøve Johansen (18) would take the bus to Lakselv Friday morning, she got a visit from an unexpected guest.

An eagle crash, namely, in a lantern on the existing roof, and the driver had not the heart to run from the injured bird.

– the bus Driver stopped the bus and took it to clarify how they could help it in the best possible way. I presented myself voluntarily to keep it. It’s not every day you get to hold an eagle, ” says Johansen.

RAN the BUS: the Eagle took the bus to the vet to check the damage it received in the collision. Photo: Private Show more

It was by chance that the 18-year-old was on the bus this morning. Her own bus was set. It gave her an experience of a lifetime.

– Were you scared?

It went okay. I think it was in shock, and it was very clear. But you came too close to the gave the information. When started to bite after you and squirm a little.

She tells us that the eagle weighed about 5,5 kg and was 60 to 70 centimeters in length.

To the vet

At the bus stop in Lakselv, they decided to take the eagle to Lakselv animal clinic.

We gave it the name Ørnhild or Ørnulf. It was hard to see what gender it was.

Marit Holm at Lakselv animal clinic checked the sea eagle carefully, but found no violation.

– It crashed with a bus, so it is amazing that it survived. We thought it was best to get it out again as fast as possible. It was scary and uncomfortable for it to be inside the clinic, ” she says.

the white-tailed eagle: the Vet tells us that the eagle was of the type the white-tailed eagle, which is protected. Photo: Lakselv animal clinic Show more

She tells us that it was important to stay calm in order to not be bitten.

It was very frightened. Paralyzed. A healthy eagle would never be allowed to be taken in like we did, ” she says.

Had to be euthanized

They put it as free in the woods at a distance from the påkjørselen, but unfortunately, it was not a happy ending for the sea eagle.

When Holm went back to see how it went with the eagle on Saturday night, had it landed in a watering hole.

It lay with half their body in the water and came up again. It had problems with the one wing. We therefore decided that it was best to take it back and euthanize it, ” says the vet.

She tells us that birds of prey are often rude to other sick birds, and that there is a lot of raven in the area where the eagle lived.

It is of course sad, but it is a part of the job to stop the torment.

CHECKED: the Eagle was checked by the vet before it was released in the wild. Photo: Lakselv animal clinic Show more