“The fire department snatched out to Wikingssons home”

“the Tv profile: ”Festive””

“Fredrik Wikingsson, one half of the programledarduon Filip and Fredrik, recently received a visit by the fire brigade.”

“In the Mix Megapol tells the tv the profile of what got them to jerk off.”

“I thought it was a bit hilarious,” he says in the programme, Gry Forssell with friends.”

“the spring weather was Fredrik Wikingsson, 45, to like fire at home in the fireplace. “

“– Then I threw out a shoe box that only low and led that I annoyed me on, and it burned pretty good. Then all of a sudden there’s a knock on the door and it was a neighbor asking if we were the fires, tell us that it’s raining sparks in the courtyard, ” he says in the radio show.”

“”Was ashamed to death””

“Mysstunden took a chilling turn of events when it suddenly knocked on the door.”

“– Two minutes later you hear a siren outside, and then I say to my daughter on the joke: ”Now comes the fire brigade”. And she looks anxiously at me, and so, there’s a knock on the door. Then there IS the fire brigade who has jerked off to some neighbor has called and my daughter was ashamed to death.”

“The environmental protection agency’s website you can read the following:”

“If you have a wood-burning stove, fireplace or furnace, it is first of all important that it is fired with wood and nothing else. Burning garbage, plastic, impregnated wood and the like is not allowed because it produces emissions of toxic substances” – something that came as a surprise to Fredrik, who, after all, seems to take it all with the ro.”

” I thought it was a bit festive with the where the firefighter inside in the living room. I had a whiskey in hand and just: ”you do not Get the elda shoe boxes anymore?”. It may, apparently not.”

“Nöjesbladet have searched Fredrik Wikingsson.”