Borussia Dortmund beats FC Schalke 04 with 2:1 and remains unbeaten. Match-winner 18-year-old Jadon Sancho, the hits in Gelsenkirchen to victory. He was able to train the week. Due to a bereavement, he traveled to London. the Felix meining Haus, Gelsenkirchen

The image prior to the start of the area of Derby to Schalke was quite cute: thousands Schalker in the category fan, which they call the North curve, although it is, strictly speaking, a Straight line, were equipped with blue-and-white Santa Claus hats, I would think, in the Arena, a witty class is scheduled to meet. In games between the blue-and-white and black-yellow for generations, rather fight of Faith celebrate as Christmas.

The 174. Edition of the forever young classic stand under special circumstances: Never before has the distance between the two teams was in the preliminary round of 19 points, which is due to the fact that the BVB can have as a table leader, an almost perfect record of ten Wins and three draws, and the fact that the Schalke carry the mortgage from five defeats at the start of the season.

Schalke against Dortmund

BVB conquered Gelsenkirchen

for the First time since the 2013 win Borussia Dortmund in the unloved neighbors: Delaney and Sancho meet Schalke at the end of the game. Carsten Scheele

However, Marcel Schmelzer had not been identified by his Team at the short of the away tour as the clear favorites. The former Dortmund captain pointed to the Cup character of the game: “In a Derby it doesn’t matter what place each team occupies. As the 90 minutes – and how much you want to win this game.”

the Dortmund-based extensions of the head start on the unloved rival on barely credible of 22 meters, was, however, not the fact that you brought more passion and desire in the encounter. But on the larger individual class, which gave the BVB the victory, in particular, the Klasee the scorers, and Derby debutant Thomas Delaney and Jadon Sancho.

The winner of Sancho was not only remarkable, because the 18-Year-old Talent is acting tough in front of goal is amazing. But also, because of the English in the course of the Vegabet week missed due to a bereavement, the death of his grandmother some Training, because he was needed at home in London. “The goal was for you and for my family,” said Sancho after the game. “It was a really tough week for him,” said coach Lucien Favre: “But he wanted to make the game at Schalke.” Manager Michael Zorc said: “Jadons performance is all the more impressive when you look at what he has been through this week.”

His colleague Marco Reus said: “We have dominated 90 minutes of the game, us in the second half, however, of the comic game of the Schalke put to sleep.” The second top scorer Thomas Delaney said: “I’m so tired, but it’s just awesome.”

The game was not what had been promised to the 61.767 visitors. Despite the three goals, it was not an encounter with a large memory value. It went off but for the guests who are heading single-mindedly on the ninth championship in their club history, so full of Verve: in the seventh Minute, a free kick from Marco Reus and landed on the head of Thomas Delaney, who had no trouble to the leadership. However, As unchallenged, the midfielder is likely to come since his Childhood in the Danish Fredirksberg not more to the game device.

things seemed now to an uncontested victory in the Dortmund added tax, which was also due to the fact that Schalke have brought in forward motion much. Schalke’s only remaining striker Guido Burgstaller had in the 36. Minute also be substituted, nor injured. As a substitute Hamza Mendyl, normally a left-back, but Schalke has big personal problems, that he had a striker play.

Schalke Fans cheer throw-ins and corner kicks goals

coach Domenico Tedesco did not want to give up trotzedm, he tigerte ever-with wild rowing arms in his coachin zone and down to his players to take more Initiative. A lot of it is not used, the long-suffering Fans with their poodle hats cheered already throw-ins and corner kicks as Torerfolge. “What is missing is simply the case of us, is the punch force,” complained coach Domenico Tedesco: “We will not find the player in the Box.

it was the scarf core, to make the game open, Dortmund was lucky that referee Daniel Siebert from Berlin, and punished with the hands of Witsel and the Video referee was looking at the pictures, the view that the rule violation was not intentional.

In the second half, the specialist came in Cologne to a different judgment, as she saw a two-fight from Reus against Harit as a foul. A tough decision, Daniel Caligiuri converted the due penalty scores. “Since we were on the handle,” said the scorer, “and then we can afford a loss of the ball, which was completely unnecessary.”

Reus underlined his scoring the game-winning scene, as a substitute Raphael Guerreiro put the start Sancho in a highly effective scene, the artistic and valuable aspect: “That was incredibly well played out, we train in the same way.” The captain must register his Team on the side that it is enough in the autumn of the year, then to victory, if the performances can be playful some. Even in the Derby. No doubt about it: As the teams arrive for the big title in question to act.