Even if the cheaper electric cars do not come in the budget, is the government ready with a package, which should make it more attractive to buy a green car.

It tells the finance minister Kristian Jensen (V).

– I have created the economic framework. It is clear, and we have a fully funded package, which helps prevent the charging of electric vehicles in 2019.

– But it requires that the parties outside the government are ready to strike, says Kristian Jensen.

It has otherwise been identified as a key priority for the government to close a quick deal to remove the registration fee for the next two years, on electric cars that cost up to 400,000 crowns.

Danish Prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) said in October that the cars were part of the finanslovsprocessen.

But they have not been, and that is because, according to Kristian Jensen, to the government in advance had found the money to finance that there will be no taxes on electric cars to under 400.000 kroner forward to 2021.

the Money comes according to Kristian Jensen from the earlier settlement in the energy sector in June and 2012, as well as the funds that is put in the business and iværksætterpakken from last year.

the Plans for cheaper electric cars is because the government in the autumn set a goal that by 2030 the need to run a million electric and hybrid cars in Denmark.

the Negotiations on the electric cars to run with has grown Karsten Lauritzen (V) in the tip.

– I expect that now that the budget bill is dropped in place, as will the parties put full force to ensure that we get a clarification, so that we can prevent the charges increases by the new year, says Kristian Jensen.

He will not provide any guarantees that there will be no taxes on electric cars after the new year.

– I do not have a majority government. I will promise that the government is ready and has found the funds.

– But it requires that the parties outside the government also is ready to strike, says Kristian Jensen.

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