Designer like work wear inspired, this season the jumpsuit is the most popular part. However, the garment is not entirely unproblematic.

By Silke Wichert

If you want to oaks earlier somewhere including, then there was this really great Trick that is seen in many movies: working suit coat and confidently as a plumber at the security guard walk by. It could be, however, that the Trick works in the near future. As a blue man is no longer a guarantee that there’s someone here to pipe breakage, and heating technology. Who wears a one piece, it signals, rather, to be fashionable. In the catwalk collections of Calvin Klein, Giambattista Valli and Stella McCartney, among the big chains such as Zara, in the case of “Influencers” and not-so-influential people – Overalls are everywhere./to say p>

Strong, who has begun to steal this garment its natural Habitat. The theme of “Workwear” is not completely new in fashion. Designers have worked have always been in all sorts of uniforms. Coco Chanel drew on the sailor pants, Jean Paul Gaultier, the fisherman’s shirt, the Jeans, the American gold digger had a quite a career, and Camouflage is far from something like the new plaid, although Flecktarn is one of the first and still the military clothes.


Androgynous fashion: Unbelievable, unacceptable

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Anyway, the jumpsuit was seen in males at the latest since the Film “Top Gun” over thirty years ago as a fairly sexy. (Is it coincidence that Tom Cruise slips just now, once again, in his, turn to the second part?) Jennifer Beals wore in “Flashdance” when she danced, a one-piece with welding apron. A Wink with the Löthammer, here’s a hard bastard, in the end, “Working Girl”. Since then, Jumpsuits, Overalls, or “Boiler Suits are not to be”, as you also mentioned, from time to time in fashion because they are casual and practical, but also outside the workshop before the accident protect: The error rate when Combining the lower part and the upper part is reliably close to zero.

“The eternal infatuation of the fashion in the working-class has become almost a fetish.”

“What we are experiencing currently, is the eternal infatuation of the fashion in the working class, which has become in our time almost to a fetish”, believes the anthropologist Constantinos Tsikkos, working for the market research Agency trend stop in London, and the Blog “Fashion. Anthropologist”. This Cant be so transfigured as disturbing, writes Tsikkos there, because many of these “honest workers” would have voted in Anadolucasino favour of it recently, for the Trump and to the Brexit what would make the Look actually highly unsexy. At the same time, the supposedly “Other” but it is not only dangerous, but also always attractive and fascinating. The more so in our digital world of manual work is alienated, the more exotic circuit acts in the reverse of the classical Proletariat? The fashion would be transferred to the: The jumpsuit is skirts the new Bast.

like The sound at first tasteless, but that “the feeling up there,” at least superficially “down there” attracted to, is basically an ancient Trend in art and literature. The British (working class) Band Pulp sang at the end of the Nineties, in “Common People” on the upper-class girl who would put up with “ordinary people”. It slips just as easily into something that can drop at any time. Fashion is the perfect vehicle.

Frances McDormand as Mildred Hayes in a scene from the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”.

(photo: Reuters)

in the Meantime, the “Working-Class seemed” to be where there’s a bit in oblivion, she is now even more present: The American “Rust Belt”, the majority of Trump chose the working environment from the British Midlands, who voted for the Brexit, the “Yellow vests” that are currently against Macrons “politics of the Rich” on the street. The neglected layer, at least the fashion of now.

And as is almost always for “Me Too”, of course, will drawn even with this Trend, a feminist Parallel: Because, of course women, therefore, come Overall much more masculine, and touch. What the woman was wearing with a raised biceps on the old Propaganda poster “We can do it!”, the 1943 during the war, female workers for the American defense industry should recruit? Of course, a kind of blue man. The poster was recreated since the eighties hundreds of times by Celebrities such as BeyoncĂ© or Kendall Jenner, and from time to time as the ultimate in feminism-Statement celebrated. That women need to throw only male role stereotyping, to empower “the”, follows approximately the same Think as the annual “Girls’ Day”, the girls are still traditionally male professions to inspire. But even if a coverall is not immediately equal, women in it, at least, less provocative and fragile.

Cultural appropriation in fashion a complicated matter

in this respect, he is no good in any case, as a female fighter gear, like recently in the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” in which a mother is trying to make on the unsolved murder of her daughter’s attention. She fights for justice, which is why Frances McDormand denies long stretches of this film in the blue man – a hero at work.

Other heroic figures wanted by the Belgian Designer Raf pay homage to Simon’s probably with his latest winter collection for Calvin Klein. In addition to Overalls, he sent fire-jackets and trousers with reflective strips on the catwalk. The fire Department uniform, heard at least since the 11th century. September to American iconography. But if just half of California is burning, and thousands of firefighters are men in the use – wear because seriously this jacket as a “Fashion Statement” in Berlin-Mitte? The mechanic thinks it’s really cool, if for the luxury car in front of his shop, the owner is increasing in a very similar, only much more expensive one piece of the Carhartt brand? Cultural appropriation in fashion a complicated matter, not only in grass skirts.

But the longing for a bit of dirt and the real work is sometimes even quite real. In cities there is a Trend a workshop set up, or hours in Co-Working and rent a room studios to carpentry there is about a shelf. Finally again something with your own hands. It could attract great of course one of the many jumpsuits, to buy just. But for real work most of them are bad too.