Employers must also tolerate the company’s own site strike action. Strike the end of the employee may appeal on the day of the strike of employees, which appear to work, and invite them to submit their work. The highest German labour court has taken a decision in principle. the

flags, screens, info flyer: trade unions are also allowed to advertise on the premises for the workers ‘ struggle. The decision of the Federal labour court in Erfurt. The judge in the case to measure the constitutionally-protected right to strike a higher value than the constitutionally-protected right of the employer.

In the particular case arguing the online retailer Amazon and Verdi, because members of the service distributed a Union on a company Parking lot leaflets. From the point of view of the employer, the company needs to support so that involuntarily the strike. Verdi argued that it is only there that all the employees could be reached.

Verdi-lawyer Jens Schubert was in accordance with the procedure in accordance with good mood: “If we don’t come to this Parking lot, then our strike is completely empty,” said Schubert. “Then we can’t appeal to other employees, in the hope that solidarity – it is a part of the constitutional law that a fundamental right Kingbetting can also be lives effective.”

the verdict of the judges in Erfurt is of fundamental importance. Although it was also to the specific circumstances on the spot, Schubert sees many Parallels to other work in combat situations: “Think of a large airport, a large construction site, in a shopping centre: the possession is lost in a Parking lot, if we stand there two hours, but the strike flutes right, if you are not able to inform about the measures right.”

lower courts were divided on

Before the trial in Erfurt in the output, however, was completely unclear and voltage have been expected. Two Things came up for different locations from the Amazon to various estimates. While the regional labour court of Berlin-saw Brandenburg, the trade unionists in the law, decided by the regional labour court of Rhineland-Palatinate in favour of the employer.

For years, the two parties argue about a possible collective agreement. Verdi wants Amazon to be paid to the employee in accordance with the fare conditions of the item and the shipping trade. The group refuses and is guided by the compensation paid to the logistics sector, the poor will be paid.