In some situations, it is not without a car. In all other you should rather. Why cyclists, pedestrians and public TRANSPORT need to take back the city.

comment by Nakissa Salavati

It is so easy to condemn drivers. If you don’t cut off the way, stinking up the air. They sit in their tons of heavy vehicles, operated by a commodity-guzzling engine, and only meters way to move cities forward. For a bike ride at the end of Urbanists, the feels, than cycle through a gloomy future scenario is already a reality.

now one of the most powerful lobbyists in the country, the ADAC, calls to increase the size of Parking spaces, for the newer cars that are higher and wider than before, stunned. Roads and Parking take a long huge areas in cities – now so more of the same? You can also say so: The driver’s and the American, the massive device to the Way of Life belongs to. Also for the German car maker SUVs worth. It hurts, this unreason to watch.

private transport was too damn often and aimlessly

When private property zuparkt public spaces and dirty, is the question of a social, Yes. The cyclists, pedestrians and public transport need to conquer this space. Cities need to radically change – and fast.

exhaust scandal

cities are mad at the Federal government

just before the next Diesel-summit dispute between city leaders and the Federal government. The municipalities feel comfortable with the threat of driving bans left alone and ask for more money. By Markus Balser and Michael belly müller

to Many it may seem like a tired Mantra, to condemn private transport. Too often, aimlessly, it was claimed. To tame the ringing of Bicycle Demos, to 1xbet just city residents with a helmet on the head as do-gooders trivialize. Who lives in the country and depend on a car, keeps these city dwellers, often arrogant, because they are accustomed to short distances and the Rent can afford.

it is of faith presumptuous, the city was a privileged per se. Once you have stood longer than five minutes without a protective car on a multi-lane intersection, at traffic lights, in addition to the vices had to endure, can not seriously contend that the quality of life. Very many people live on such a cross, and very many live in cramped conditions.

German prosperity depends on the car, but much more by the climate

The arguments for the car everyone knows: In some situations, and particularly in the country, is not it without. The auto industry depends on prosperity. The friendly E-car is coming soon anyway. Free travel for free citizens is a democratic right. May be anything, but in The end the man is more important than the device. Only a town, in the limited cars are on the road, is children – and family-friendly. Who really wants to do something for the next Generation, you with gas to the ballet, but also protects the environment.

cities such as Pontevedra in Spain, have banned cars; where earlier vehicles, blocking the play now children. Anyone who commutes to Pontevedra, leaves his car in a Parking garage in the periphery and continues to the train. An example that shows that If forced to is eliminated a possibility, have to be created, then more trains and Trams.

Yes, the German prosperity depends on the car – but much more by the climate. So it’s time to immediately switch to really invest in new industries, economically, financially, politically. And Yes, cities are already overcrowded, commuters will always be there. Anyone who wants to strengthen the country therefore has to promote the medium cities, the Jobs, culture and peace. There can be a good way to run on foot