the minister of the Interior, surrounded by his prime minister and other government officials, said in live tv that ”the situation is under control”.

– If necessary, the police presence during Sunday continued to be high, said Castaner.

118 civilians and 17 policemen had been injured in connection with Saturday’s demonstrations throughout France.

Prime minister Édouard Philippe took over the word and said that ”vigilance and the mobilization persists”.

– the Dialogue has begun. It is now necessary to build up national unity, said Jean Philippe, reports the newspaper Le Monde.

the Prime minister Kalebet thanked, on the government’s behalf, ”all of which urged for calm throughout the week”.

” No tax can be allowed to threaten national unity, said the prime minister, with reference to the plans on the increase of taxes on fuel was it that triggered the popular protests.

that 125.000 people demonstrated across the country on Saturday, including 10 000 in Paris.

the Large police operation when the Yellow vests were protesting for the fourth Saturday in a row