‘We have scabies,’ said Helle Varnæs in the popular tv series. But it is not only in the fictional universe, to the small itchy hudmide houses.

In Horsens, denmark, has Jytte four times in the course of 2018 heard his 17-year-old daughter Christina to tell you that she has scabies. After almost a year in fnattens violence are the two women from Horsens sick and tired of the small uninvited mites.

– We are about to get scabies of scabies, tells Terry to Ekstra Bladet.

It all started in the beginning of 2018, where Christina had an itchy rash on the hand. She thought that it looked a little strange out and after a trip to the doctor, she was only a little bit wiser on the rash. For the doctor was in doubt whether it was scabies or allergies on the young woman’s hand.

the Dermatologist on the other hand was not in doubt, the young students had scabies. The diagnosis should be for a long, expensive nightmare for the small family.

How to detect scabies

the Scabies (scabies) is caused by infestation with fnatmiden, which is 0.25 mm wide and can be seen only with the microscope. The most prevalent symptom is the rather sudden development of intense, generalized itching, which usually occurs 2-6 weeks after smittetidspunktet for those who are infected for the first time. The itching is worst at bedtime, when the heat gets fnatmiderne to be more active. Fnatmiden can survive outside the body for up to 36 hours at room temperature

the skin symptoms show themselves as a rash with small pale or blisters, especially in the thin skin at the fingermellemrummene and on the fingers, elbows, brystpartiet and in the groin. Gradually is also seen kradsningsmærker because of the excessive itching.

the Infection occurs through close and direct contact among close family members (sovefællesskab).

the Spill shortly after smittetidspunktet, and treatment is initiated.

Itching developed of not previously infected after 4 weeks and in previously infected after a few days.

Scabies by the itching, which occurs 3-6 weeks after infection. The itching is most pronounced at night. The clubs over most of the body. Children under 1 year are also attacked in the face and hårbund.

Even by pronounced itching, there are often only a few kradsemærker and bumps on the skin.

It can be difficult to make a diagnosis especially in people with high personal hygiene.

By itching and suspected scabies, the doctor must be contacted for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment. When it is identified with scabies, should be given treatment for all in the household and to persons who have lain in the same bed as the infected.

It is important that all be treated simultaneously, since the other members of the family can be infected, although they have not yet acquired symptoms. Towels and bed linen washed at min. 60 ° C in connection with the examination.

After treatment, there is no longer risk of infection, but the itching might still persist in some Ngsbahis time.

You should be aware of the itching and the rash of children in the 3-6 weeks after the last case.

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Immediately, it is simple to treat for scabies. At the pharmacy you can in håndkøbe buy Nix, a cream must be lubricated in from top to toe. This cream costs about 300 crowns.

Christina also chose the solution with the cream, when she became infected with scabies for the first time. But very quickly after the cream was rubbed on the skin she got an allergic reaction.

It was 600 dollars right down the drain, she had to hurry out of the bath, ” explains Jytte.

the Next solution was some pills, which are prescription medications that only a dermatologist can print. It is different, what people have to pay for the pills, as they are regulated by weight.

– It cost us 1800 dollars, every time my daughter must have a pillekur against scabies. Now she has scored three of the major to 1800 dollars apiece, jefg has not afford all the medication, and you can’t get grants, tells a distraught Terry.

At the beginning of december, it happened for the fourth time this year, Christina was once again at the dermatologist, who again asked the dull diagnosis scabies. The problem is just now Christina, that it is almost impossible to find the little scabies-mind-blowing pill.

This time she has got an allergy pill before she smear themselves with cream, for we must of the scabies! We can’t wait to get the pills. They say at the pharmacy, that maybe we can get it between christmas and new year, it sounds frustret from Jytte.

the Mother from Horsens would like to encourage all with itching of the skin to be examined for scabies, then you can eliminate the small hudmide.

– Scabies is just as contagious as lice, and it is not nice to be infected! So now get your rash examined and treated, sounds the call.

So much has Ms spent on fnatmedicin

A dose of Nix cream for 600 crowns.

Three pillekure á 1800 dollars per. time.

An additional pillekur to 800 dollars.

A dose of Nix cream for 600 crowns.

In all, Christina used 7400 dollars to treat his daughter.

Terry from Horsens is not in doubt that there is a regular epidemic of scabies in Denmark. For each time she has treated her daughter with the expensive pills, washed all the clothes and done some housekeeping, then comes the small hudmider back.

At the Steno Pharmacy in Copenhagen, one can not express an opinion on whether it is an outright epidemic of scabies in Denmark. But the staff tells that that being sold really very fnatmedicin in these times.

in Fact, there is so much demand especially the pills against scabies, that are sold out in most of the country. The pellet against the scabies is produced in Germany, and it is to prolong the waiting time.

– There is currently a waiting list for pillebehandlingen, so there may be some time before you can get its cure, says the staff at the surrounding pharmacy.

Elsebeth Tvenstrup Jensen works as a senior physician at the Central Unit for infection control at the Statens Serum Institut, she doesn’t believe that there is talk of a scabies epidemic in Denmark.

– Now there has been much written about the scabies in the press, and so people are much more aware of symptoms than they normally are. I think that the level is roughly the same, but that more are now seeking treatment – and it can help to prevent further infection, says Elsebeth Tvenstrup Jensen to Ekstra Bladet.

you will Experience itching and rash, then there is always a good idea to seek out his own doctor to be examined for scabies.

Christina and Jasmine are fictitious names. Extra Magazine know their real identities.

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