Women claiming damages from the police and the New York police department, because he was held in handcuffs during childbirth and after.The cops couldn’t just have had one hour of birth until the end to keep the woman completely chained, but they took him in the end second hand except the bed. Stock. MOSTPHOTOS

New York has taken to court cases where the police turn a laboring woman handcuffed to the bed, us media reported. The woman said Thursday in its lawsuit that it is still not comprehended what happened let alone know how to explain it in due time for their children.

the Birth took place last February Montefiore Medical Center. Bronxilaisnainen at the time was 27-year-old.

in Court papers under the name Jane Doe, i.e. Jane Doe appeared to the woman was 40 weeks pregnant when she went to jail custody relating to the matter. In jail when the birth was started, and the police transported him to the hospital.

on the Spot, the police chained the women to bed, which this gave birth.

Montefioren the hospital the doctors tried to explain to the police that their action is state law, illegal. The police disagreed and claimed that the NYPD guide are commanded to keep the hospital or in a psychiatric treatment in detention chained.

the Action according to the laws of the state in the year 2015 they say unequivocally that pregnant, generating and giving birth to recover from women get chained. The New York Times, the law has, since 2009, when the chain with the banned birth started. In 2015, it was extended to also transport the maternity hospital, as well as eight-week period after birth.

patrol police instructions really are commanded to Liderbahis keep the detainees connected, but it allows the police to open handcuffs if the doctor so requires, and their superiors give them permission. Patrol police asked about the matter of ylikonstaapelin evening that no permission granted.

the statute of reasoning is that every police custody of a person who is a potential deserter.

it Go until the judge’s permission

the Woman effort in the phase of media data according to the hour, and he suffered from the media data according to intolerable pain. While in the situation after the police relented and removed the part ties. At the stage when the child arrives into the world, ms. Doe’s right arm was still attached to the handcuffs at the bed.

He let his lawyer Katherine Rosenfeldin according to the completely off until nine hours later, when the judge arrives at hospital bedside to prosecution.

the Women’s alleged crime was that he had violated the restraining order.

– the fact that the police ignored the doctor’s opinion refers to the fact that they don’t show any humanity, and, as if blindly followed what they comprehended to be a manual procedure, Rosenfeld said the NY Times.

Rosenfeld requires customer compensation for civil rights violations and asks the NYPD to change their practices so that none of the women no longer had to experience similar.

the police department has not commented on the incident.

the American medical association and the medical specialist organisations of the unanimous position is that the laboring woman chained disclosure is a serious risk for both mother and baby. The civil rights organization ACLU has recently requested chained the compensation policy of abandoning the country’s prisons. The us state of 26 deny and 24 permits the generating of women chaining.