Zombie+ FÖLJSvensk horror movie that smells like turkey – but never is tråkigFILM


Directed by : Fredrik Hiller. the With : Per Ragnar, Bahar Pars, Jonas Malmsjö, Peter Eggers, Eva Rydberg, Malin Arvidsson, Rafael Edholm, Jarmo Mäkinen, Zinat Pirzadeh.

HORROR. Sweden is under attack. Zombie-like creatures threatens to take over Landskrona.

”Operation Ragnarok” is a Swedish horror movie that smells like turkey, but that never is boring.

It should fan the make genre films in Sweden. Nothing genustänkande the Swedish Film institute, opens the wallet, directly.

Fredrik Hillers film called ”Zone 261” when you started the recording for like, five years ago. The new title alludes to what the government and the military want to do, when the whole of Landskrona, sweden has been invaded by zombie-like creatures. Operation Ragnarok means to send the JAS-plane and bomb the whole thing.

a Few who are struggling to stop the attack and who have not been infected by the zombie virus is in skåne, racists and immigrants who are forced to cooperate to survive. the Per Ragnar play bindgalen Betebet a racist with the same diabolical charisma that when he was a priest in the TV 4-series ”Tre kronor” in the 1990s. Others acting sway much more.

To Fredrik Hillers honor should be said that he is trying to say something about xenophobia and fear, even if it is done in a very subtle way. Sometimes smells kalkonfilm about the game, story lines and effects.
But you have received a lot of film for little money. Many well-known actors have enough set up, cheap (free?) because they like the Hillers enthusiasm and energy. The film is never dull.

It is probably this year’s best worst Swedish film.

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