pralines, truffles and chocolate pine cones: In the Christmas season of enjoyment count is higher in price than calories. The business of the Swiss chocolate manufacturer is running at full speed. With an annual consumption of about 10 kilograms per capita, we are eating champion of the world in the chocolate. But the desire of the Swiss to melt in the end.

In 2008, the consumption was 12.4 pounds, in the past year, there were 15 per cent less. Particularly worrying for the Swiss manufacturer: The Swiss made Label on the packaging is attracting local consumers is less and less. This shows an evaluation of the Association Chocosuisse. “The share of imported chocolate in Switzerland has doubled in the last two decades,” says the Association’s Director, Urs Furrer.

in 2017, were 42 percent sold chocolate from abroad. Which is generally cheaper than domestic products, and sensitive customers to price well. Choco Suisse fear that this Trend will escalate further. The reason: The Federal Council decided last week to increase border protection for sugar as of next year. Imported chocolate is in relation to that Swiss products will become even cheaper, because of the processed foreign sugar is not affected. “Starting in January, the import pressure may rise for a second Time,” says Furrer.

best only a mouth full of black and organic

The wholesale distributor Coop two sees opposing trends. Customers are placing more value on high quality and access, for example, more often to organic chocolate. At the same time, the demand for cheap chocolate-Snacks, says a spokeswoman. It is precisely in this area, foreign manufacturers of bars such as Mars are particularly strong.

With the low prices of the cheap bars from abroad, Switzerland can’t keep up. The manufacturers are trying to decrease in demand and therefore on other types of counteract. A long time they claimed that chocolate was affected as the Aresbet pure enjoyment from the Trend towards a more conscious diet. Now you bring less Zuckriges on the market. Consumers view clearly also in the case of Sweet always accurate on the ingredients list. “Less chocolate, but better”, so the manufacturer sees Lindt consumer behavior.

The industry therefore relies more on dark chocolate with a high cocoa content and less sugar. According to Migros smaller sizes instead of the traditional 100-gram table are in addition to the black chocolate is increasingly in demand. “We attribute the shift to small portions to a growing health awareness,” says a spokeswoman. The Ragusa-producer Camille Bloch recognizes, also, especially in Younger a greater need for products to Share. In bite-sized servings of packaged chocolate is to the contrary. They are all producers-increasingly in the offer. to free

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the chocolate from the Image as a thick-maker, is working with the industry to innovations. The Multi-Nestlé has developed in his Swiss research laboratory a “structured” sugar. In the method of conventional sugar with milk and water is atomized in a warm air, and then dried. These particles dissolve in the mouth faster than conventional sugar. Thus, the sugar content of leave by around 30 percent, according to Nestlé without Compromising on taste. The first chocolate bar with the innovation, has launched the Multi in the UK. “It is planned that the sugar technology to other similar products,” says a spokeswoman. Lindt is currently testing in his own Swiss stores various chocolate without added sugar. The first Feedback from the customers was positive. Coop tried it with vegan chocolate balls.

The world’s largest chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut, which supplies many of the large confectionery companies with its products, particularly high protein chocolate in the offer. Which comes as an ingredient in Snacks and bars. Products with the Label “protein rich” are considered to be healthy and are selling accordingly.

the health-conscious to draw fruit – or nut-bolt

The increasing awareness for healthy nutrition will have profound consequences for the Swiss chocolate market, writes Raphael Moreau, a food analyst at the market research Institute Euromonitor. “Consumers will increasingly have to resort to Alternatives such as granola bars or fruit and nut bars.”

Until the end of August of the current year, the domestic consumption of Swiss chocolate was, according to the Association Chocosuisse once again declined slightly. All the months before Christmas, in which the industry made 40 percent of annual sales.

the producers hope to cold winter weather, as low temperatures drive consumption. In the short term, the prospects are positive. Meteorologists promise for next week a temperature drop of three degrees – the ideal chocolate-weather.

(Sunday newspaper)

Created: 08.12.2018, 21:04 Uhr