The government will submit to parliament the fast rate of presentation, which in September introduced the car tax, the table is replaced. The new tax table will be applied to today 3. December.

New tax table will be applied in the same way, so that the 3.12 or after the next register set of tax adjusted ex post automatically a new table, if new table that gives the lowest tax amount.

the automotive sector believes that the tax table corrections reduce the need to import used cars from abroad to Finland. RISTO lodge niemi

the Car importers association’s ceo Tero Kallio exudes satisfaction with the solution.

In the beginning of the upcoming government programme, the car tax reduction, and now corrected tax table denote according to him, the fact that the average car cheaper.

– the beginning of the Year tables the weighting is for cars with emissions of 0 – 170 grams. Today’s change applies to all of more than 20 grams of emissions cars. The emphasis is a bit more bigger päästöis, because they get big tax increase at the beginning of September, the Rock told the evening newspaper.

the tax rebate will not be paid retroactively

Oslobet the Original table treated rudely, especially isopäästöisiä cars and now these the situation straightens out, but only from this point forward to be registered.

in the beginning of September and 3.12 between the time of cars registered tax ex-post correction is not now present.

Finland was transferred already at the beginning of September WLTP-values-based car taxation.

the Government was preparing already for spring with the new car tax table, the aim of which was to ensure that the new measurement method in accordance with the car level blackmail.

the New tax tables came into force at the beginning of September, but the tax tables were criticized for the fact that it does not, however, been so-called. tax neutral.

the Reason given was that the tax table when preparing available was only a little car WLTP emissions data. The table definition was used for this reason, the EU commission research based on WLTP-simulation material that do not correspond to reality.

the Parliament was required by the car tax act in adopting that tax neutrality will be monitored and if it is not implemented, then the table is checked. And now it has been done.

the New tax table is the automotive sector according to the average tax-neutral. Individual models with regard to the car tax can NEDC-measurement in relation to fall or rise, as the measured modes, the differences between vary model by model.

16:16 Focus: apply and tax is adjusted for arrears. Added 17:16 Tero Kallio comments.