In the TA-advent calendar, we open every day a door, behind which you can’t look – or want to.

It is true that Christmas is always just around the corner faster than expected. And therefore, in the Advent are often more Stress than anticipation. However, the advent work calendar, which since the 19th century. Century we have a long Tradition. You invite each day to pause for a moment and get a picture to look at, that’s just pretty or surprising.

To hold such a moment, we would like to invite from the Tagi our readers in the next few days up to Christmas. We will look Timebet every day, behind a door, which is located somewhere in the Canton of Zurich and will not open otherwise. Behind a door, behind which you can otherwise not so easy. Or want to.

of Course, we don’t just look behind it, we tell what there is to see there. And why there are to see there. More we will not reveal, except, perhaps, that it was sometimes quite dark where we went. Or so loud and beautiful that we had to wear headphones. Or that it smelled wonderful. Or that we were out of sheer delight completely unprofessional.

This is also seen that this advent calendar is also a little gift to ourselves: We decide, we are guided solely by our curiosity – the actuality was not, for once, in the foreground.

We hope that the Tagi-advent calendar manage to slow down the time until Christmas a little bit. (net)

(Created: 05.12.2018, at 18:05)