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Just before midnight left partitopparna the Liberal ödesmöte in the Old town.

– We have different perceptions and I will continue to fight for my line that we should say no to the Socialists, ” said Mats Persson, economic policy spokesperson.

Jan Björklund said nothing – he went out the back door.

The 17-time gathered several of the L-top to the meeting in the party’s premises in Stockholm’s Old town. The meeting would drag on and after a good hour delivered takeaway food to the participants.

the Meeting was not finished until 23.45. Then came the economic-political spokesperson Mats Persson out together with, among others, mps Gulan Avci, Joar Forssell and Fredrik Malm.

Jan Björklund seemed not to. According to the task to Aftonbladet, he left the premises via a back door.

On Tuesday, the party called for partiråd, the highest decision making body between landsmötena. Then can the final decision be taken.

– We have our processes now, and now it is approaching christmas and I think that the Swedish people want to have a government soon, ” said Fredrik Malm when he left the meeting on Sunday night.

”Make no decisions tonight”

the party Leader Jan Björklund has a partially fragmented party to manage. The new line is that the Liberals do not want to be included in an S-government but can think of a budgetary cooperation in the parliament.

When Björklund for a little over a week ago turned over their list of demands to the S-leader Stefan Löfven he reported that the worker’s party endorsed the new line with the voting figures 18-7 and the party will begin with the figures 13-6.

During the meeting on Sunday evening was pressekreteraren Adam Alfredsson restrained.

– It is clear that we are discussing regeringsfrågan, but I have no comments about the process. We will not make any decisions tonight, ” he said.

the Party’s economic-political spokesperson Mats Persson has taken the battle against Jan björklund’s line, and was critical even when L left an opening for the Leaves.

After maratonmötet he repeated his opposition:

– Respectful discussions continue. We have different perceptions and I will continue to fight for my line that we should Venüsbet say no to the Socialists. We’ll see where it lands eventually. We will take a decision in the near future.

Mp Joar Forssell, who also is chairman of the Liberal youth of sweden, described the discussions as ”interesting and constructive”.

– It is important to have long discussions where everyone gets a chance to exhaust their arguments. It’s something that makes first, that the party can make a good decision, but also that the party can hold together after such a decision, ” said Forssell.

the Centre party met at the hotel

Although the Centre party had a meeting during the Sunday evening. According to Expressen met the prime minister of sweden at Scandic Continental in central Stockholm and Annie Lööf was seen to leave the meeting, together with a Säpovakt at 21 the time.

– We have no comments on the regeringsfrågan in the evening. We will, of course, when we have something to say, say pressekreteraren Hannes Hervieu.

the Week can be crucial for the formation of the government. On Monday, Stefan Löfven meet president Andreas Norlén (M), and submit a report on the negotiations. The earliest on Thursday, parliament will vote on the Löfven as prime minister, but already on Wednesday, the parliament club of the state budget for 2019.

Where are the government’s transitional budget to a joint draft budget from the M and KD that also SD is said to be ready to vote on.

Then it is necessary that the Centre party will vote on the övergångsbudgeten for it not to fall in the parliament.

Statsministerfrågan and the budget issue is indeed separate processes, but are closely intertwined in the ongoing negotiations, according to a whistleblower within the Liberals.

the Source described the atmosphere during Sunday night’s maratonmöte as ”good and respectful”.

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