At the beginning of September, entered into force car tax tables change raised briskly isopäästöiset cars car tax, although the change was supposed to be tax neutral.

the Problem of course was recognised quickly. The parliament was also given to the ministry of finance to determine the tax change effects so that the table could, if necessary, adjusted.

First, the average size of the older cars the car tax increase, now they fell. But not those who buy their cars at the wrong time. Tom Vuokola

VTT the study revealed that the changes were necessary and now the tax table change was made.

so far so Good, but the air left hanging the question of why the new WLTP-method for measuring the emission readings have to take the taxation as a basis for this hopulla. Why Finland should be the first one to take a new WLTP-values directly to the tax basis.

whether a transitional period could be taxing on even the old emission values?

Would be to go to the old emission values until then, that would have been obtained data WLTP real impact on prices and would only then make the tax table changes?

Now the old and the new tax table Pashabahis between the left three-month-long tax on the car during the car purchase.

some Of them have a ”temporary” tax table why pay thousands of euros too much for their cars and such additional tax shall not be refunded.

a Neighbor can now buy a similar car many tons cheaper.

it May be that these cases have in real life a little short. Most left the tax change suffered car you buy.

Still, it seems unfair that some car buyers have paid absolutely nothing for three months ”additional tax” only the power of the state to clumsy action.

Would it be reasonable that the tax would be adjusted afterwards also these three months sufferers in terms of better?