When the end is good, everything is good.

It was also for sportsstjernen Tom Brady, who on Sunday was a little outside his usual element and instead of a american football had chosen to take a golf club in his hand.

Together with the professional golfer Phil Mickelson had he challenged Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in 18 holes at the Medalist Golf Club in Florida.

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however, There was talk about a friendly charity match, where the four together, scraped 20 million dollars together for the benefit to help during coronakrisen.

Tiger Woods and Peyton ended up winning, but it was Tom Brady, who ran with most of the attention, as he had a somewhat unfortunate experience with his pants.

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On live tv, it was namely recorded, that the star cracks his pants.

Later have Tom Brady, however, mickey hart, along with the situation on his Twitter.

‘My pants would obviously like to have a little social distancing’, he writes.

He took, however, also defeat nicely and wrote a tweet about the fight.

‘Congratulations to Tiger Woods and Peyton. They fought hard and well. Now back to my ordinary job’, it sounded.