Looking men, otherwise, like from the top down on the world, looking up some of them recently, shy of the bottom. A new way of Thinking is behind it?

By Silke Wichert

After the Duck Face the Fish Gape came. The so-called duck face with beak snout was eventually replaced by the fish’s mouth with half-open mouth, both of which are typical photo-faces, the placement of young women, especially for Social Media. And the men? The watch stops-sometimes more, sometimes less smart from the Laundry, but a rehearsed “Look”, there have been at most in the movie “Zoolander” where Ben Stiller as a Supermodel with his “Blue Steel” perfected: a steel-hard gaze with pursed lips and curled forehead, a species of a related precursor to the ducks facial Expressions.

On the current images of young actors and Actresses, Models or pop stars as something of a male photo, now, recently, but-Face-chin down, eye make up: to the top. Not a Drake, but a sort of Basset-hounds-view. Justin Bieber wears it often, the white blond model Lucky Blue Smith, the new Hollywood darling Timothée Chalamet dominates him particularly well. Sometimes the Hand reaches in the hair, as is the lowered main straight up, now a bit embarrassed to look a bit of a mystery in the camera.

“More pious lamb instead of bad boy”

no longer Look at the new men descend from above on the world, but to meet her eye-to-eye? Or to look even to you? In fact, this view appears to be signalling a new male attitude, says the art historian Anthea Callen, who has just published the book “Looking at Men” on the anatomy, masculinity and the modern male body in art. “The camera captures the classic alpha male normally, from below, to glorify him.” On those portraits, however, the perspective was chosen from above, the Protagonist looks at the. “The acts rather flirtatious, girly, and in any case less of a threat,” says Callen. “More pious lamb instead of the bad guy.”

According to the view appears to be rather young guys, the play here is a bit of your youthful innocence, but also those emphasizing youth want to give to The new Celine Designer Hedi Slimane, 50, has not only, as he currently is accused, in his designs, only a single “Look” – especially the Frenchman looks in photos almost always. His colleague Riccardo Tisci, 44, of Burberry, and Virgil Abloh, 38, Louis Vuitton in the July issue of the Italian men-Vogue quite similar. The delicate, profound artist’s soul, the looks in today’s fashion might also be a bit more humble on the world than even a few years ago. Karl Lagerfeld looks at any rate, on the contrary, either in the camera or only by the inscrutable dark glasses.

For women not sent it for a long time, images to the viewer, to turn, direct eye understood contact as an invitation. Men were allowed, however, to look into the world – only when it came to God the same adoration or sex appeal, it was complicated. Already in antiquity, the sculptor glorified with fondness the hardened male body, while you showed the look mostly to Higher. From Michelangelo’s David to recordings of the Bodybuilder Sandow Eugene at the end of the 19th century. Century, or early male Pin-ups – the suggested attitude of the cult is in marked contrast to the mundane Body.

In Hollywood, it has to remember the sensitive, vulnerable man has always been given

unlike, for example, in the case of Caravaggio, whose semi-clad young men looked quite milf porno directly, quite eagerly, and sometimes, to modern contemporaries. The Boy in the famous painting “Boy with a basket of fruit” is wearing on the Instagram Account @chalametinart anyway, long ago, the face of Timothée Chalamet. The head of the actor will be used on this fan page by Photoshop in all sorts of well-known works of art, from da Vinci to Michelangelo. More icon can’t. Fittingly, his new Film, which starts in January, “Beautiful Boy”.

In Hollywood, there have been a certain “Male Gaze” has always been, believes Michael Williams, film scholar at the University of Southampton. About the silent film star Ramón Novarro in the twenty years later, Jean-Paul Belmondo, and, of course, James Dean, delivers up to today, a blueprint of the sensitive, doubting young man. “The look is so nonchalantly how to set up,” says Williams. “Even then, actors have tried to make with a certain ambivalent masculinity interesting.” Perhaps the Selfie-culture have contributed to the fact that men played more today with the Look, and this is now fit perfectly into the picture: In times of the “Me Too” new forms of masculinity strongly.

“Timothée Chalamet is the perfect movie star in 2018,” said the American Online magazine Vulture in a recent article, and mention Hollywood producers, the Chalamet not as “Alpha”, but as “Beta” and not as a disadvantage, see. He was symbolic of a cultural shift, which is the essence of the modern masculine man-defining, is also quoted David Unger, managing Director of actor Agency Artist International Group. “The new ‘Leading Man’ is possibly not the tough, dark guy, but a lot of einfühlsamerer, considerate type,” says Unger.

Really a Revolution or just for Show?

Chalamet itself looks apparently the same. In the current issue of the magazine i-D he in the was with the similar modern male singer Harry Styles. The interview made headlines, because the two were therein candidly about the new range of being a Man. It could be, for example, today, incredibly masculine, and when men give themselves vulnerable and feminine. “Sometimes I feel strongest when I allow myself to be vulnerable,” Styles open, and Chalamet says it was “totally mistaken, to make yourself vulnerable”.

A new type of man who looks not only different, but also thinks differently, Hallelujah. No wonder that the security forces have to do with the Fanansturm performances of the two lot of to ensure that not anyone is actually injured.

“But at the end of the putative beta man continues to be a alpha dog”, according to Callen, the art historian. She was highly skeptical of whether this really is a fundamental change taking place. At least Hedi Slimane is so legendary thin-skinned, that he banished critical journalists regularly of his Shows, in the Studio, he is not as tame as a kitten, but as a total control freak. “The men have understood the new direction, you know, what reaches the audience and how they get what they want from women as from men,” says Callen. The current Trend is to expand your Repertoire. “The alpha man is a must now, just more feminine,” says Callen. The Problem is only: What is left for the women?