The railway and transport Union (EVG) has announced that Monday’s Strikes. Rail passengers can expect cancellations and delays. Depending on the length of the delay, customers are entitled to compensation. the

What to do during the strike? What are the rights of rail passengers have? Answers to the important questions.

What to do if the train is going?

is a train because of the strike, or, the traveller missed his connection, he can Dodge without charge on any other train price, Offered as a saver-Ticket is cancelled on the booked trains. Tickets for Monday can already be this Sunday. On a different train rail passengers may require, if you need to be aware that your train will reach its destination with a delay of more than 20 minutes. The passenger then descends instead into a more expensive train, so, for example, in an ICE instead of a Nahverkehrszugs, he must pay the surcharge, the money then, but in a DB travel center refund. Länder-Tickets, the Nice-weekend-Ticket and the Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket are excluded.

And if I don’t want more travel?

Who is affected by the strike, place train ticket including seat reservation in a DB travel centre or a travel agent with DB licence, free of charge, refund. For Online Tickets, please visit the website of the railway the application form.

Pays the Railways, compensation for delays?

In the event of delays, there is a legal claim to compensation, regardless of the cause. Also, in the event of a strike, the railway is obliged to do so. A passenger arrives at least an hour late at the destination, must submit a report to the railway him 25 percent of the ticket price. In two hours of delay, it is 50%. The surcharge for the ICE Sprinter paid back already 30 minutes late.

How to reimburse rail commuters with time cards?

after a delay of 60 minutes, passengers will get with time map is a flat rate of compensation per trip. For time cards of the second class in long-distance transport there are five Euro, in the first class 7.50 Euro. BahnCard-100-owner will get in the second class ten and in first class 15 Euro.

frequently affected in case Bahigo of a strike by the Deutsche Bahn operated S-Bahn. However, in the rail can’t count on drivers with significant compensation. Starting 60 minutes late in the second class, a flat rate of 1.50 euros, in the first 2.25 Euro. However, until amounts are paid out starting from four euros. Transport customers receive only the second and third delay within the period of validity of time Tickets money.

How do I make my compensation claim?

With the passenger rights form. This complaint form will be given in the event of a Delay, often already from the train crew. But it is also in the service centres of Deutsche Bahn or online.

In the form to be entered in the register planned and actual itinerary. Original tickets, copies of time cards and other original receipts must be attached. Anyone who has struggled through the formalities, can get directly at the train station in the travel centre or DB Agency of his compensation.

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Otherwise, compensation is only possible when form, ticket or copy of the ticket to the service center passenger rights in 60647 Frankfurt/Main to be sent.

compensation has to pay to the railway on request, bar, otherwise, this should be done, as a voucher or by Bank Transfer.

I’ve only got a cell phone Ticket – what do I do?

In this case, you must print out the traveler of the booking confirmation, which he received by E-Mail, and with the passenger rights form to Frankfurt.

Pays the train a Taxi or a hotel room?

First of all, travelers need to look, whether the railway offers an alternative connection, for example, a replacement rail. This is the case, priority is given to the offer of the railway.

there Is no from the railway organised an Alternative, the scheduled time of arrival between 0 and 5 o’clock, and the train has a minimum of one hour of delay, then the train will assume the cost for another means of transport, up to a maximum of 80 Euro. This also applies if the last plan fails standard connection of the day and until midnight of the target station, otherwise not much more can be achieved. An Overnight stay is necessary, you must carry the railway, the cost of a hotel room.

This special can cost only the service center passenger rights (see “How do I make my compensation claim?”) refund. For this purpose, must be submitted in addition to the ticket or copy of ticket, the original receipts for the costs incurred.

But who uses outside the time referred to a Taxi, you can try to get reimbursed for it. In individual cases, the service center may be accommodating.