Can we squeeze more types of traffic on the bike paths?

It takes the Danish Parliament, which has opened to send, among other things elløbehjul and motorized skateboards on bike paths.

it Goes as planned, will Færdselsstyrelsen in January to approve provisions that make it legal to use the electric småkøretøjer in traffic.

however, It is a decision that worries users and experts.

the Council for Safe Traffic, expect that it is going to Forvetbet harm road safety, if opened for a variety of motorized vehicles of widely different character: “It will undoubtedly increase both the such fear and the risk on bike paths”, warns the council, in a consultation response.

“We are concerned – in the general traffic to allow the toys and ‘fun’ vehicles, which is likely especially to appeal to children and young people, which encourages playful behaviour”, stresses the organization.