For people on the road this Season, hard and dangerous. This year, eight people died already because of the cold. Cities to provide temporary shelter, but the help is needed.

For several weeks, cities offer large, nationwide emergency assistance to the people living on the streets in Winter. Thousands of additional beds to be provided – and yet this is not sufficient, is critical of the Federal Association of assistance to the homeless (BAG W).

Not a large city Restbet provides enough additional accommodation to the number of people without a roof over the head. Nationwide, about 52,000 people have the right to make BAG W plate. “Plate making”, that means, to live completely on the street, under bridges, in empty houses. But there are thousands of so-called homeless: people who do not have a lease secured apartment, and often in temporary accommodation, provided by the Public, or with friends and family members. The BAG W is approximately 860,000 Concerned.