It will be a totally sweet christmas for ‘Year 0’-the participant, Rachel Ellebye. She has, in fact, for the last six years formed a couple with the Norwegian Eirik, who she has met in the city. It writes Billed-Bladet.

– I was in the city with a friend, and we fell accidentally into conversation with some norwegians in the bar at the Generator Hostel in Copenhagen, the 18-year-old told.

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even Though they live far from each other, the pair has been together for six months. Photo: Mikkel Tariq

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It is so serious between the two that they have planned both to hold the christmas Pulibet and new year together.

Norwegian Eirik from Oslo, where he is, according to See and Hear the reader for the electrician.

Rachel is going right now in high school in Denmark, but it seems not to be an obstacle for the in love couple.

Rachel is known from the application ‘Class 0′, where the viewers have followed her life from it’s birth back in 2000.

For the January runs the last programs of the screen, and 18 years old to follow the young is over.

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