On paper, there is a world of difference on a mobile phone for under 3000 dollars and as a top model for at least 7000 dollars in the cheapest version.

Or is there? Ekstra Bladet has tried to get the answer by putting the Nokia 7.1 up against huawei’s Mate 20 Pro in a test, where both the price and the specifications are located at each end of the scale.

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1. Byggekvaliteten

Already under our first point in the test, we encounter into a challenge. For how does one build quality on a mobile phone, when both seem to be quite well-built for the price? It is a balance, we repeatedly return to. Namely, that there can be differences in the choice of materials and other grades, although both separately makes it fine for the price.

How is it in any case with byggekvaliteten on both the Nokia 7.1, and the Mate 20 the Pro, not drawers. Both are well screwed together, made of durable materials and nice to hold on to. You must highlight a difference, it is that Nokia delivers a even better build quality than you should expect for the price.

Winner: Tie

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2. Cameras

Here is separating the sheep for real from the chaff. And not only when it comes to these two models. Take for example OnePlus 6T and compare with the most expensive top models. Here is the winner topmodellerne clear over the OnePlus, because the companies behind the for example the iPhone, the Galaxy S series and here Mate-the series well know that it is something to which consumers attach great importance to.

the quality of the image in the Nokia 7.1 is certainly passable, but nothing more. However, taking the Mate 20 Pro – along with the ‘younger’ P20 Pro – some of the best mobilbilleder, you can plunk in the day.

Winner: Mate 20 Pro

3. Speed

There are just several muscles in the Mate 20 Pro. And a little bit to get the muscles in the Nokia 7.1. The advantage of the Nokia is that the operating system is Android One and thus adjust the lower performance, as the phone has. Anyway works 7.1 a bit of postage due, while the Mate 20 Pro never runs out of energy.

Winner: Mate 20 Pro

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4. Sound quality

There is not made much of the sound quality of the built-in speaker in the Nokia 7.1, while delivering a fine signal, when that happens through headphones. By contrast, Huawei has, of course, the priority is good sound, without, however, to be able to beat Sony’s Xperia XZ3, which is our reference for good stereo speakers.

Winner: Mate 20 Pro

the Nokia 7.1 delivers for the price a very good package and is in his price range, a Betorder mobile phone, you need to consider. Photo: Nokia

5. Durability

Where the high durability expected of a phone for 2700 crowns versus an animal model for 7000 dollars? The answer will be that the dirt since just to keep. But the price difference means that a more expensive model will be better protected against water, dust and other elements. Thus, the Mate 20 the Pro on the paper more durable, but fit you good on your thing, you will find that the Nokia 7.1 compare favourably with even the more expensive phones.

Winner: Tie

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Interactive element

6. Designed

the Big phone or lommetelefon? It is roughly the differences in the design of the two phones, where the Mate 20 Pro is a great phone with round shapes. Nokia 7.1 is a bit more sharp in the edges and design, but not more than that if you prefer a smaller phone, so you will not be disappointed the design on the cheap phone.

Winner: Tie

Mate 20 Pro is built to withstand both water and sand. Photo: Huawei

7. Daily use

It is hard to find superlatives enough to describe, what piece of digital tool Mate 20 Pro is. In daily use it is thus faster, has a nicer display and takes better pictures than the Nokia 7.1. It must of course also be able to price, but even in comparison with other top models are Mate 20 Pro one of the best (Android), you can get. Nokia 7.1 on the other hand provide a more average user experience, because of the lack of effort can make the experience a bit ’tired’ from time to time. It is in daily use not the phone for those who have the top of the pocket many times in an hour.

Winner: Mate 20 Pro

8. Battery life

on Average, are also the judgment of the battery in the Nokia 7.1. Or should we rather say a little above average, since you can slide you through a day, while the Mate 20 Pro is a batterimonster, which you can easily get through up to two days of serious use before it must be recharged again.

Winner: Mate 20 Pro

9. Display

We are at the top of the displaykvalitet on the Mate 20 the Pro, but not better than the expensive iPhones and the latest Sony Xperia XZ3 match the chinese. The same can not be said about the Nokia 7.1, it has a for the price very good display, which is never flashy.

Winner: Mate 20 Pro

10. The software

Huawei has a dull ability to ‘contaminate’ even its most expensive phones with bloatware, as the company gets money to put on the phone. It is not kl├Ždeligt, when you pay so much. By contrast, the Nokia 7.1 the more pure Android One, which has just been updated to Android Pie, and despite the somewhat weaker muscles in your phone is actually running decent. So the point for Nokia in this field.

Winner: Nokia 7.1


Yes, you get more for your money when you choose the most expensive model in our test. Mate 20 Pro is not only better than the Nokia 7.1, but also quite good for the price. It is hard to argue that there had to be cut, for example, 1000 dollars of the price, when you look at what equivalent competitors allow themselves to take.

When it is written, so it is a big pat on the back for the Nokia 7.1, that the model came with this slightly quirky sammenligningstest. It makes the phone, because the overall package is really good for the price. It is certainly not the best model in the test, but in its own price range is the Nokia 7.1, is hard to ignore.

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the Alternatives

We recommend to continue the Huawei P20 Pro, which has come down so far in price that it eventually looks like a bargain. Give also the Sony Xperia XZ3 a chance.

we are Talking about almost as cheap alternatives to the Nokia 7.1, you are looking at the OnePlus 6T, even with a little overpriced provides a lot more for the money.

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