The railway and transport Union (ECG) will strike on Monday from 5 PM to 9 PM. This is likely to have an impact on the railway traffic in the whole of Germany. The EDC was aborted on Saturday, the collective bargaining negotiations with the railway and warning Strikes announced. the

millions of rail commuters will have to adjust on Monday on the way to work, delays and outages. “The strike is nationwide take on Monday morning from 5 am to 9 PM,” said a spokesman for the railway and transport Union on Sunday. The strike to affect-Bahn, Regional, long Distance and freight traffic. The impact would drag on well into the day, said the spokesperson.

The group had posted on Sunday, first on its website that the Union had announced for the morning, a focus of the strikes in NRW. The rail advised travellers to / from North Rhine-Westphalia, on Sunday to arrive or to postpone their journey on Monday after a warning strike. “For travelers with flexible price and saving price tickets, valid on Monday for the day and booked trains to be cancelled and the Tickets can be already used,” writes the web. Who would not want to begin his journey because of the Warnsteiks, here you can find a corresponding refund form.

The railway and transport Union (EVG) had terminated their collective bargaining talks with the Management of the railway on Saturday and Strikes announced.

“Totally unnecessary escalation”

The toe, called a from your point of view to low wage offer as the reason for the Strikes. On the extent and exact duration is not yet decided. The track Betkanyon spoke of “a totally unnecessary escalation”. To leave “with this offer, the negotiating table is not traceable and insecure, totally unnecessary, our customers in the middle of the Christmas season,” said track chief of staff Martin Seiler.

To quote module to track information, a pay increase of a total of 5.1 percent in two stages, and a one-off payment of 500 euros. Instead of the second stage should be opened to the employees once again have the opportunity to choose more leisure. This should be according to the ECG, but only from the beginning of 2021.

negotiations with the other trade Union, the trade Union of German locomotive drivers (GDL), delayed the train on the coming Tuesday. The GDL showed the course of the three days of negotiations so far, “basically satisfied”. “The obtained results justify the continuation of the negotiations”, said her boss Claus Weselsky. So, you have agreed to make progress in the design of the shift schedules and the amount of holiday and night allowances.

The railway Board refused, however, so far, to prohibit in its premises, “the permanent avoidance and softening of the personal planning security,” said Weselsky. The GDL had been submitted by Saturday at noon still no concrete offer to pay. The railway would have to disappoint expectations, and will respond “immediately”. Before Christmas, the train drivers would go on strike, but: “If, then, the box in the new year rattles.” Unlike the EVG to the GDL cannot call currently to strike, they concluded the arbitration agreement.

The new timetable, the train is first entered into force on Sunday. He brings to the customers more trains, but also higher prices. “The number of new trains can be seen on one Hand,” criticized the Green party parliamentary leader Anton Hofreiter, in an interview with the Welt am Sonntag. Also on the ticket system, he criticized: “The ticket system to understand a passenger.” It is, it is high time, “to disentangle the ticket confusion: The cheapest Ticket everyone must be able to view at a glance – at ATMs and on the Internet.”