Michael Olesen could the previous year, raise the glittering trophy over his head and call himself the winner of ‘dancing with the stars’ 2017, together with the actress Sofie Lassen-Kahlke.

Again in the years he was with on the dance floor, when TV2 blinded up for the new season of the popular danseprogram. Here he formed a couple with the rapper Lucy Love. The two smoke out of the program shortly before the finals and surprised, thus the bookmakers, who had foretold them out as some of the first.

But however, it is not certain that the danes at home in the living rooms will be able to experience Michael Olesen, when ‘dancing with the stars’ runs across the screen on TV2 in the new year.

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he tells This to the Realityportalen.

– Now I have done it for 12 years, and now I take really one year at a time. If you had asked me for five-six years ago, so I had said: ‘Yes, I would like to! Are you crazy?’. But now I have reached the point where I take one year at a time, and it comes just depends on what else is happening in my professional and private life, he says to the media.

Michael Olesen reached far in this year’s edition of ‘dancing with the stars’ with partner Lucy Love. Photo: Mogens Flindt

The 36-year-old Süperbetin dancer is, however, not yet completely clarified as to whether he’s going to be a part of ‘dancing with the stars’-team again next year, if he is asked.

– I love ‘dancing with the stars’, and I hope that this is the last time I made it. But I don’t know yet what is going to happen next year, and I have absolutely fine. It may be, it is because you ask me, when I have just been done with it, so I’m pretty saturated, ” says Michael Olesen for Realityportalen.

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– It may well be that I answer something completely different to april, because the excitement and the missing has come up again. But no matter what, so is ‘dancing with the stars’ a big part of my life, he strikes fast.

Private form Michael Olesen pair with Joan Divine. Photo: Mogens Flindt

On the home front trying Michael Olesen together with her boyfriend, Joan Divine, hard to have children. They have long tried to do two to three with the help of fertility treatment, but it has not yet succeeded. They, however, refuses to give up the dream of becoming parents.

– It is a wish, there is so much large that it is difficult to get rid, before you have tried everything. But it is also hard to find the energy for it some times, Michael Olesen previously told to Billed-Bladet.

the Pair has also considered whether adoption is the solution for them.

– We have talked about it and have also studied it a little, but we put it on the shelf, for right now it’s the second, we will use the energy, he said to Billed-Bladet.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Michael Olesen, but he is at the time of writing is not returned to our requests.