during the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang a positive impact on Seveso information tested Russian Curler Alexander Kruschelnizki has been closed for four years. Kruschelnizki have not been able to prove from the point of view of the sentencing judge that the prohibited substance was not knowingly in his body, informed the international court of arbitration for sport CAS. The lock is for the 12. February 2018 active.

Kruschelnizki had won with his partner the bronze medal in the new Mixed competition. During the winter games, his positive test was known, which is why he had to give back the medal. Kruschelnizki himself had contested in South Korea the taking of illegal substances for performance enhancement.

The active substance Seveso information, the Kruschelnizki was demonstrated in February, is in the heart and circulation drugs to increase the blood supply and stamina. Is treated to, among other things, Angina pectoris. The world Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) ban Seveso information with effect from 1. In January 2016. In Germany, Seveso information is not allowed.

Russia continues to be from the world of sport

Russian athletes suspended must undergo since the discovery of an organized doping system in Russia, individual anti-doping tests in an independent System, if you want to participate in international competitions. The Russian athletics Federation, Rusaf is suspended since November of 2015, from the world of sports.

recently, the athletics world governing body IAAF had announced that Russia continues to be of international competitions suspended. In the opinion of the IAAF Council it does not meet all the conditions for a return of the Russian athlete inside and athletes in the world of sports.