the Father of Amalie Szigethys two-year-old daughter, Mikkel Skelskov, sitting on the dock accused of having defrauded for almost 9.5 million dollars.

The 26-year-old is as the owner of the currency exchange Cash Me ApS indicted for receiving stolen goods by the gross criminality and money laundering.

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a total Of 16 persons accused in the case, which has been known in the public under the name of Operation Greed, to have committed tax fraud and receiving stolen goods for the amount of nearly 500 million dollars.

Mikkel Skelskov will, according to his lawyer, Ole Schmidt does not speak with the press. The defender turns, however, to Skelskov refuses guilty.

the Daughter Josephine came to the world after a brief affair and have not seen much of Mikkel Skelskov in its two-year life. Most interaction has taken place in the Government sexless premises.

Amalie Szigethys read about Mikkel Skelskovs indictment, she was not surprised.

– I want the best for my child, and therefore I have done as I have done. That will pop it here until now, is something with what I said.

– It is how it is. There is a reason that I have done, as I have done, says the Amalie Szigethy with reference to the fact that she has been fighting to get Tempobet custody of their daughter, Josephine.

– I’m such an ‘inner peace’ and wish you all the best, and yes, we are all human and make mistakes, but it is a lot of money, it there, says Amalie Szigethy about the charge. Private
Mikkel Skelskov appeared in realityprogrammet ‘Room baby’ in 2016.

Here he was a successful entrepreneur, and he has also later referred to himself as just a businessman with wind in the sails of both Facebook and Instagram.

Amalie Szigethy is ‘not inside’ in Mikkel Skelskovs life anymore and that is a good reason for this, says she.

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– If you look back on all the stories that various media have brought, and what I have told about him, I am sure you can find a red thread in relation to the concerns.

– Also in relation to taking responsibility for a child and the lifestyle he leads, she says.

– You can hope for him that he’s not going in prison, says Amalie Szigethy. Photo: Jacob Jørgensen
Realitystjernen fear not, however, for his daughter’s future relationship with her father.

– She does not notice anything. She is so small. The consequence I take with her when she gets older. So far I have the pass good on her in the two years she has lived.

– It’s not going to affect her, says Amalie Szigethy.