Due to a lack of specialisation of hospitals according to experts, among other things, premature babies and breast cancer patients to have poorer chances of Survival. In the case of the minimum quantity and quality indicators for the hospital planning, hardly any progress was seen, criticized the Scientific Institute of the AOK (Wido) on Thursday in his in Berlin, presented “quality monitor”. The German hospital society (DKG) accused the Treasury a uncertainty of patients.

The AOK that apply in the case of preterm infants to clinics is currently far too low a minimum quantity of 14 cases per year. “Each year, without the proper minimum quantity stated in this sensitive and complex area of fatal consequences for the affected children and their parents”, AOK-the chief Executive officer of Martin Litsch. He accused the hospital of representatives and the länder, a “strategy of procrastination”, with the unnecessary people in life.

So the quality monitor according to premature infants with a birth weight of less than 1500 grams of a poorer chance of Survival if they are cared for in hospitals that treat fewer than 34 such cases per year. The mortality rate in these hospitals, which account for around a fifth of all premature babies will be cared for, is about 50 percent higher than in clinics, with 91 or more cases. What is striking is the increasing proportion of preterm births in Germany is: Their number increased between 2008 and 2017 to 21 percent.

Furthermore, the Wido Report criticized the “occasional surgery” in cancer diagnoses. “Too many hospitals with little experience take on complex therapies and endanger patient safety,” said Litsch. A quarter of the 781 attending clinics was, therefore, in 2016, a maximum of eight breast cancer operations. A further quarter took an average of 26 operations. In certified centers at least 100 breast cancer operations per year are required.

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to order “An integrated process chain for such operations there can be only numbers in clinics with high case,” said Wido-managing Director Jürgen Klauber. The Studies show that the care in a center increasing the probability of Survival significantly.

A multi-media long-time documentary about preemies, you can read here.

the quality of the growing heart valve operations could be the cash according to experts, with more centralised structures that significantly improve. About 30 percent of the 97 hospitals that carried out these interventions in 2016, provided less than 100 cases per year. In hospitals with a case under 100, the number of deaths is compared to the expected value of 46 per cent higher. In the hospitals with at least 200 interventions, the mortality rate is in contrast to 32 percent lower.

According to a statement from the hospital Association of the AOK is relying on outdated Numbers. In 2017, only eleven of the 92 hospitals have made flaps less than 100 procedures on the heart.

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“the Outcry” of the AOK-Federal Association of the breast cancer is incomprehensible, because the minimum amount for the surgical treatment of breast cancer to the competent authorities of standing on the agenda, said DKG CEO Georg Baum. The Institute for quality and efficiency in health care had already been a systematic Research on the relationship between performance quantity and quality ordered. (AFP)