Gunnar Nelson and Alex Oliveira’s between UFC-fight wasn’t pretty to watch.Gunnar Nelson to bake Alex Oliveira’s face. ZUMAwire/MVphotos

on Saturday night Toronto held the UFC 231 -event brutaalein massacre to see the welterweight match nelson’s and Oliveira’s in between.

Icelandic bruised Oliveira’s face in a downright terrible shape hurjilla elbow strike to their. Hard bomb, the blood just gushes Oliveira’s face into the ring.

a Frightening series of strikes after Nelson took a back stranglehold, which decided the match in the second period. Betist

Victory Nelson, 30, rekordi free match in the ring has 17 wins, three losses and one unsolved.

Oliveira’s stats look like toronto’s UFC tonight after the following: 19-6-1.