The svindelmistænkte Britta Nielsen has been subjected to a dirt poor treatment. Particularly by the media.

It takes a director, writer and debater, Hella Joof.

I simply can’t stand the folkestemninger with pitchforks and a nyslebet guillotine in the horizon.

How she writes in a sms-correspondence with the Extra Leaf.

The renewed defense of Britta Nielsen comes after Hella Joof three weeks ago and was exposed to tremendous anger. The reason was a post in the Berlingske tidende, in which she defended the now-imprisoned former HP employees in the national board of social services.

‘I would much rather have that you have had fun and fired the max. with the money, than they were during out with the bathwater on one or another ørkesløst project’, she wrote bl.a. in an open letter, which bore the title, ‘Dear Britta’.

About the intention behind the very controversial letter explains Hella Joof today:

’the Point was really just to get a humiliated and derided his fellow man to the rescue. As well as to exhibit the hypocrisy of råbekoret. Added a splash of humor. Can understand on text messages that is ticking, that it fell in bad soil’, she writes.

Hella Joof informs that she has just crossed the Atlantic, and that she Romabet is now located in the Caribbean.

Over text message asking Ekstra Bladet Hella Joof:

– What hypocrisy refers you to? She has probably defrauded of millions, then it is surely not so strange that she has become the focus of the press’s critical eye?

‘Yes, but she is not convicted. And the press showed pictures from the courtroom in south Africa. It is not ethical. People were a tad too bloodthirsty in my opinion. And I simply can’t stand the folkestemninger with pitchforks and a nyslebet guillotine in the horizon. So, I must respond. Kh Hella’, she writes.

– I still don’t understand, where is the hypocrisy?

’the Speck in your brother’s eye. The beam in your own (little heart emoji)’, the equivalent of Hella Joof.

Britta Nielsen in court in south Africa. A unethical picture, think Hella Joof. Photo: Ole Steen

Hella Joofs open letter sparked wide condemnation. But she has also had its supporters.

Kulturredaktør at Berlingske Anne Sophia Hermansen has indicated that Hella Joofs post from 18. november determined not to be taken seriously:

She describes in the Telegraph the open letter as ‘full of exaggerations, skewed images, which are probably not to be taken 100 % literally’.

Also the finance minister, Kristian Jensen (V) the special advisor has taken Hella Joof in the defense.

‘Hella Joof is an indulgent woman. We will tax her half to death. And she even has the profits to make fun of it. The release she not good in velfærdsjantelovens country. Hella Joof should soon be equipped with some bodyguards’, joined by Christopher Arzrouni his post in London.

Hella Joof communicate to the pr. sms that she will explain further in a post, when she is returned home.