Less than 5% of cancer patients would have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials, although 70% of them would be interested in the promises of these experimental treatment techniques. Paradoxically, 20% of them fail due to lack of participants… The search for a clinical trial is indeed a tedious process, time-consuming for those interested and for the doctors.

With the aim of simplifying processes, digital health start-up Klineo (Klineo.fr) has developed a platform to directly connect doctors and patients with relevant trials in less than a minute. It consists of two distinct interfaces, for professionals and patients, intended to search for experiments and to enter directly into contact with the centers where they are deployed. Klineo lists all clinical trials open in France, with real-time updating and notifications for users in the event of a new offer matching their criteria.

Klineo began in 2022 with the establishment of a pilot project at the Gustave-Roussy Institute and the launch of a first national platform dedicated to triple negative breast cancer. In 2023, it extended its platform to new cancers (skin, lymphoma, etc.). It has just raised 2 million euros to cover all cancers at the end of 2024.