Have you recently been out shopping and had Carlsberg on the bottle with the home, you should just check the expiration date an additional time.

For the if there is talk about the pilsner, which has last date of application 12. or 13. July 2019, you should provide the beers back to the store.

So the clear message from the Carlsberg and the Danish veterinary and food administration.

There is a risk that the beers can contain glaspartikler and the remains of the etiquette-paper, inform the.

According to the Danish veterinary and food administration can glaspartiklerne cause damage to the teeth, oral cavity and pharynx by swallowing.

– There is much beer, but we have, fortunately, in the course of the last 24 hours, got it most of it home, ” says Kasper Elbjørn, head of press communications in Carlsberg, to Ekstra Bladet.

He says, that there are some stores from which it has not managed to get the beer home, so therefore by Carlsberg, not whether the beers are sold to consumers.

In these stores can be sold defective beer

Bilka Vejle Colonial

Bilka Tilst, Colonial

DagliBrugsen Astrup

Maksibet Bilka Aalborg Colonial

Super Brugsen Skjern

Theatre Bodega

the Depot to the Northwest Sjælland

Coop superbrugsen now Tune

Super Brugsen Marstal

the Supermarket Egedal Colonial

Merchant Hagebro

Daily Brugsen Grevinge

the Supermarket Nørrev. Silkeborg colonial

Bilka Næstved

Super Brugsen, Lynge-Uggerløse

Save Tikøb

Føtex Glostrup colonial

a Referendum Egtved

Føtex Vesterbrogade

Bilka Sønderborg Colonial

Coop Kvickly Brondby

Source: Carlsberg Denmark

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He urges therefore that, under all circumstances deliver the beers back to the store, if it has the above-mentioned out-of-date, since it is not necessarily to see whether the particles are in the bottle.

the Error was discovered by the Carlsberg even during quality control.

– The scanner, which scans the beer for the small pieces of glass or paper, had been at a standstill, and we can see this in our system. Therefore, we stopped at exit. But there had been some at the time, and therefore we have had to make this a recall, ” says Kasper Elbjørn.