drink Plenty of water before you go to sleep, Vitamin C, minerals, drinks, pickled fish, or maybe even: only Drink in moderation? There is a whole catalogue of measures to prevent a hangover. One of them is particularly attractive, because he restricts actually not a binge really. You should simply adhere to a certain order of drinks. First beer, then wine.

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“beer on wine, leave it be. Wine on beer, the Council for you.”. If it works, to each and every one almost has her, and his mixed experiences. What has been missing until now, a scientific study was. Researchers at the University of Witten/Herdecke have the spell in other languages, now, as far as is known, for the first time – checked: with a boozy Experiment in the party room of the University.

The result is: The cat is, it doesn’t matter in which order you beer and wine in poured. Too much alcohol is too much alcohol, writes the Team in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”,

Tomcat-scale from 0 to 7

In the trial, previously by the ethics Commission of the University had to approve a shared Hensel’s research team of around 90 Volunteers aged 19 to 40 years, in groups of three. The task was the same for everyone: Drink. The target of 1.1 per Mille of alcohol in the blood. The people in the first group drank first beer, the subjects in group Two, only wine. Who was reached at around 0.5 per cent switched to the other drink, on average, after nearly one and a half litres of beer or four large glasses of wine. The people in the third group stayed the whole evening with the same drink, either beer or wine. On a second evening, the drinkers switched to the groups.

According to the scientifically controlled binge, the participants gave on the night, how drunk on a scale of 1 to 10 felt. Then they had to put to sleep – under a doctor’s supervision. “It is not so easy to watch wars night, a drunken mob to sleep,” says Hensel. Some wanted to celebrate more, some had to throw up.

On the Morning after the drinkers classified eight typical hangover symptoms on a scale of 0 to 7 – thirst, fatigue, headache, Nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain, heart palpitations and loss of appetite. The sum of these values, the researchers then determined for each subject the “Hangover Score” – so the extent of the cat.

The half in the bag the cat

The evaluation shows that the order of The beverages played for the cat, no role – just like gender, weight, drinking habits, or physical Fitness. How bad the consequences of intoxication were, depended exclusively on that, how much someone in the evening felt before, drunk, and whether he had to pass.

Hensel – which is actually a children’s doctor and in the meantime, in the English city of Cambridge works and his staff were looking for in the blood and urine of the subjects, even after the molecules, their concentration with the hangover feeling could hang together. They found, however, nothing. In suspicion of certain Glucoronyl-metabolism products. Could not, in turn, measure the researchers but, because this would have exceeded the cost of the study.

“The Only thing that had to say in our study, a real predictive value for the extent of the hangover the next Morning, was the self-assessment of how drunk felt,” said Hensel, the daily mirror.

it was then the practical tip you could give: “listen to how you feel.” Anyway, this was important to emphasize, was not the goal of his study is an answer to the question “How can I drink more?”.

Less booze

in fact, there is but means that can leave the cat at least less bad to fail. Because what triggers it, you know scientifically a few facts: the dehydration of the body and the associated Flushing of ions and molecules, as far as is known, an important role. “In fact, all were dehydrated, our test subjects the next Morning,” says Hensel. They were allowed to drink after the last glass, all only a certain amount of water, “night”: six milliliters per kilogram of body weight.

Enough water, salty food, or a mineral drink before bedtime can actually help. However, you should expect “not too much, because intoxication is intoxication, and likely to be the toxic metabolic products play a large role,” says Hensel. To not know where you much. As a contributing factor, however, is known in alcoholic beverages in different concentrations occurring in fusel oil. Wheat beer, for instance, contains relatively much of it. A study with humans, vodka, and Bourbon showed that the welfare was after the vodka is much better than after those whiskies, which fusel oil as a flavor booster to be even added extra.

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editor-in-chief of the magazine in which the study appeared, until two weeks ago, by the way, a certain Dr. Dennis beer. Why he has a Job now abandoned, is not known. (with dpa)