On Youtube told me He Jiankui he has edited a gene in tvillingfostren. With the help of so-called crispr technology to the team to have knocked out a gene and the altered genetic material so that the children become resistant to hiv. The twins ‘ father is infected with hiv, and the procedure is said to protect children from the virus.

He Jiankui has been met with massive criticism because it is forbidden in most countries to change the human genome by artificial means and in addition allow it to changing the embryo develops into an individual.

we have now started an investigation against the researcher and say they are deeply concerned about the research, reports including The Guardian and Sky News.

at the same Ultrabet time says the university where He Jianku is active at the that they not have known about his research and that He Jiankui has been on leave since February 2018 and will be there until 2021.

– This research was led by dr He Jiankui outside the school, said the university in a statement, according to The Guardian.

Jiankuis research for a ”serious misbehaviour”.

He Jianku has not revealed any evidence that his research actually is. How he stands to the critique of which is unknown because has made himself unavailable all since the criticism began to hagla over him.

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