soup warms the soul, relieves runny nose and aches and pains. A soup ice cream snack as a single line in the outside world, as the main source of food in addition to Ben & Jerry’s – this survival strategy has invented Hip-Hop star and Instagram celebrity Charlotte Mellahn alias Visa Vie. “I have eaten here in the last few months about 840,000 and soups,” says the 32-Year-old at the Meeting in front of the “Hot Dog Soup” on Boxhagener Platz, a tiny Shop that serves just that: Hot Dog and soup.

A little trip she’s up to, you ask in your with Gösser beer bottles and BRIC-a-brac full gemülltes car. “This reflects my soul life in the last few months.” BVG is not, because in addition to your dog’s phobia, which fought them with hypnosis, followed you on public transport to the pitch. “They call me Magnet Shit, because I put on madness,” she says, and moves the piece to the RAW terrain. The property, verbal abuse and misfortune dressed, she shares with the protagonist from your first Spotify Podcast “The Interview”, a Thriller in 20 episodes.

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the work on The Podcast, she is currently on tour, the thing with the one-sided eating habits, and the Chaos of car is not made better: For the second season, she wrote until mid-November, the nights and ruined your sleep rhythm. So many experiences from the past twelve years, come together: As a rapper, she wrote her Songs, worked with comparisons and punchlines, as a presenter and interviewer the online portal “16 bars” interviewed German Hip-Hop greats such as Bushido, warrant, Sido and Kool Savas and brought it with her blunt manner and expertise even to some notoriety.

Now, she hosts every Wednesday night on Radio Fritz Show “Something to do with Rap”. In the Podcast, the Story wrote itself, it goes to the moderator, Clara, and their Plan to assassinate the most famous Rapper in Germany – Similarities to existing persons or incidents from your career are, of course, unintentionally.

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On the RAW-site remains Visa Vie in front of a colorful painted phone booth, which was converted into a Mini-Disco, a kind of walk-in Jukebox. A group of young French blocked with rolling suitcases to the door. “Want to come in the now to tithe?”, Visa Vie asks, shaking his head. “Berlin snout”, very clear. She grew up in Prenzlauer Berg. “I have no fun anymore,” she says. The gentrification in Friedrichshain was still bearable. The French, in the cell phone Disco by just half a song, Visa Vie it is. Matter-of-factly, she selects a title – no Hip Hop, you clear.

a quick Story of the 117.000 Instagram Fans send

“I would walk 500 miles” by The Proclaimers is their choice. To end “the best tip for a night: easily one to sit with friends in here.” A has kissed you in the-square-foot Little.

Inside, sandwiched with singing, operated strobe lights and fog machine, sends out a Story to your 117.000 Instagram Fans. Visa Vie is a phenomenon in the scene. “I was a woman in the Rapwelt, as most of the women danced there naked in the Background.” Similar to her protagonist, Clara, you did not ignore a sexist sayings, and tried, in rapper get to behave as neutral as possible – even if they remained far from always as quiet as it had from the outside the appearance.

“can you be nice” on your wrist tattooed, a set from the satirical novel “God forbid” by the author John Niven. In the God sits kiffend in the sky and looks at the warring mankind, racial hatred and homophobia. “It sounds like Matrixbet a children’s spell, but that’s exactly why I’ve made it my life’s motto,” says Visa Vie. Niven gave her a reading, also the Inspiration for a second Tattoo: A written sheet of paper is visible on your forearm.

“Actually, I just want the author to be”

she speaks openly about hard times and uncertainty – topics that appear in your Podcast this Sunday, but she happily walks over to the Boxhagener Platz, where everything is pushing at the flea market. Overpriced wall Park or the quiet Charlottenburg are a “nightmare” for Visa Vie, you want to be there, where what is going on. No matter whether this is now Haggling with the furniture dealers, where they bought from last Time a whole basement full of furniture, or if it is again loud in front of your apartment window. “I have a Tinnitus since the background noise is rather pleasant,” she says.

The Soup back in the hazy “hot Dog Soup” is not that of a but even: slurping noises. “From Misophonie hear that?” she whispers about their broccoli cheese soup. Slurping, snorting, lip-smacking – almost worse than a snooty Rapper. In times of “Me too”debate Visa Vie has a surprisingly relaxed attitude to misogynistic lyrics. “As long as the artist, I think the only rap and otherwise, from the past, it was okay,” is your rule of thumb.

A couple of young men on the table next to you, talk to recognize. She smiles, responds friendly and open. “Actually, I want to be a writer,” she says afterwards. At least these are good news for the soup kitchen of her confidence, less good for your biorhythm. Before she goes, she takes a tomato-rice-soup: “always.”

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