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information technology is now in the cloud. There are so actually used the services as their customers ‘ data and files. Even a lot of computing power require things are done more and more often the service provider’s data center in humisevilla servers own hardware instead.

for home users files in the cloud storage service provides plenty of opportunities. Normal uses include, for example, file transfer between multiple computers and between mobile devices, file and folder sharing links with others, backing up both the place and the device to be used independent of the file storage.

micro Betebet bits compared the most familiar cloud storage service.

Involved in the test were Dropbox, Google Drive, Kim dotcom’s up to MEGA, as well as for many Windows users familiar with Microsoft OneDrive.

for Ordinary home users all test services are likely to be sufficiently fast. MEGA limited used to transfer lane a free account with sensitively and fairly unforeseeable.

Dropbox differs from other pricing, as it offers free scant two gigabytes of space, and the money is to come up with the same road terabyte of space. Other triad offers more free space and pricing the stairs. OneDrivella things complicate the more expensive room option of switching to Office 365 license.

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