Founder and co-owner of Polar Seafood, Anders Jonas Brøns, has died after he was found lifeless in the Port of Aalborg on Friday.

the Extra Leaf is come into possession of a document which the chairman of Polar Seafood, Henrik Leth, sent out to the employees in the group after found.

In the document there is no set word on how Anders Jonas Brøns was as a person and businessman.

– It is not only a shock and a human tragedy but is also a great loss for all of us in the Polar Seafood, where he was the driving force and inspirator behind the company’s startup and development, writes Henrik Leth in the document and continues:

– Here, and now my thoughts go first and foremost to Donald’s partner, children and other family members. But also in the whole of our organization, he leaves a huge void.

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Chairman of Polar Seafood, Henrik Leth, is obviously concerned over the loss of Anders Jonas Brøns. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

– With his quiet and pleasant nature, Anders was not just a deeply respected actress but also a man with great social skills and human qualities. A personality, it is difficult to imagine is no longer with us.

– When we all have the strait to us to have lost our focal point, I know that Anders – if he could – would encourage each of us to continue our efforts. Just by continuing to put all Matbet our effort in to develop the Anders Brøns’ life’s work further, we can help to the best way to honor him, writes Henrik Leth in conclusion.

Polar Seafood Greenland’s largest privately owned group of companies. There can not be question by Anders Jonas Brøns importance for the greenlandic business community, believes the director of Greenland’s Profession, Brian Buus Pedersen.

– Anders Brøns has been a strong driving force in the modernization of Greenland. A modernisation, as Anders Brøns created together with its business partners and other future fiskerifolk after the collapse of Greenland’s economy in the late 1980s.

– Anders Brøns was a key issue in a business success, which came to mean that Greenland today is a much richer country because of an effective and sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources, tells Brian Buus Pedersen to Ekstra Bladet.

the Body of the 68-year-old Anders Jonas Brøns was found out of a restaurant in Vestre Havnepromenade in the Port of Aalborg. Previously, he participated in a dinner on the ship.

There were provided first aid, but his life was not to save. There is nothing to suggest that there is a crime.

– we have not heard anything about. I’m also sure that it is not suicide. It is a pure accident. I know that he had appointments with people Friday evening, says Henrik Leth, to Ekstra Bladet.

In september 2016, came Anders Jonas Brøns on Berlingskes inventory of Denmark’s richest.

– We have been both skillful but also lucky and got hired some good people in our offices in Greenland and Denmark. And so, we have concentrated on the business in the fish, said Donald Jonas Brøns at that time to the

Anders Jonas Brøns derives from the village of Arsuk in south Greenland, where her parents ran a grocery store.

Together with Hans Pavia Egede he created in 1984 Polar Seafood. Hans Pavia Egede came later out of the business and personal life have since been shared with Jens Salling, who bought into the company.

Polar Seafood is the owner of several fish factories, factory trawlers, and fishing vessels and has a milliardstor turnover and exports.