For the second Advent with the change of the timetable of the Deutsche Bahn Tickets are more expensive. At the same time, nationwide, announced strikes, probably starting tomorrow. NRW could be particularly affected.

The passengers of the Deutsche Bahn to get with the timetable change on important Connections with a wider seat offer. At the same time, you need to grab for trains in the ICE and IC a little deeper in the pocket.

More cost, more trains

Particularly for commuters and frequent drivers it will be more expensive.

In long-distance transport tickets at full price (Flex price) in an average of 1.9 per cent, announced in the railway. Because there are a lot of special offers and discounts, the price level, according to calculations by Bahis Siteleri the railway but by only 0.9 percent. Anyone who has booked his trip until yesterday, Saturday, departs still at the old prices. Train in regional traffic across boundaries of the transport systems is 1.5 percent more expensive trips to an average of. For the other hand, the tariffs of the traffic groups apply. In many of them the ride will not change prices for buses and trains for the new year.

this Sunday will be on the high-speed line Berlin-Munich in the future, five instead of three sprint trains per day and direction traveling. In addition, the ICE 4, the train, the latest Generation of high-speed driving there now.