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focus on the most important thing in my life. What if we had an idea of what is worth striving for. We would not have to have a människovänligare the society at the time? One of the less mental-health problems, less pollution, less inequality and less help.

as much as it sounded from the Payam Moula, editor-in-chief of the socialist magazine, the Times, the daily News the other day.

”What’s the meaning of life, what is valuable, what is worthwhile to be?” These are the most important issues for human beings, but, unfortunately, there is no one who is talking about them, where it would be needed the most, in political life, writes, Moula, and the conclusion is that if the source has dried up. A policy with a higher idea than that of it is used to the ideal of ”freedom”.

You know how it is: One else wants to listen to the song of birds, and another is so charming that the birds are scared in the way…

Startled, he notes that man of himself knows what is good, and we are really looking forward to this. The point of all that is, which is the main character in the movie ”Into the Wild”, put it: ”Happiness. It is only real when shared.”

There are two problems with this vision of politics based on the idea of the meaning of life. First, because it is so abstract, that it actually turns out to be pointless. On the other, it will be better off, if it is established.

but a lower figure of speech, one would almost not think for themselves. You know how it is: One else wants to listen to the song of birds, and another is so charming that the birds are scared away, and the ornithologist will be flooded. One-third of the participants would like to have a amorous (s), with a fourth, who do not want to do. The sixth is a teetotaler, and the seventh could not enjoy his drink, though not all, are currently taking part in the skålandet. And on and on. This is the script for a lågbudgetkomedi, not a political principle.

we Shall not continue to fight, rather than pretending that we can find common ground?

The great thing about a community is that it is not a camping trip. It doesn’t need to be the chaos that we recognize completely contradictory things. With a view as to the meaning of life is to follow Jesus, the obedient to Allah. One is, what, another asylaktivist. As a part of the chasing of the formation, the second state of ecstasy. Some of them are the most satisfied in their ödetorp, comes to us in order to see more of the world. Many people find sense in their work, in the studio, in the classroom, in the operating room. The even more work they have and are looking for the joys of intimate relations, or leisure time activities. Some people will not work at all.

I don’t understand how the Payam Moulas ideal society looks like, it will be arranged after The fair to good, but are there any yet to decide on how they want to live. Myself, I see only one decent option: to allow as many choices as possible to remain open to as many people as possible, and at the same time, we are limiting the harmful effects of human nature’s fiercest and most selfish sides. (That man is certainly not the only good, and meningssökande – that you were able to get an impression of the Moulas text).

There are a thousand things that could be improved, the combat, tighten up, clean off and organize in a reasonable manner. We should not have to continue to make a fuss about it, instead of pretending that we can agree on what the meaning of life is?

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