Kimi Raikkonen rare hilarious gesticulation Fia prize gala stole the headlines this weekend.Kimi Raikkonen drove his evening paper supplier Your fire hill in Porvoo.

Raikkonen made the F1 season’s final race in hold on to the MM-series of the third order, despite the interruption. It meant that the Finnish ”forced” yet the end of the season travel to st. Petersburg awards.

Raikkonen take gala to the obligation a little grudging in the public eye, as usual. But the trip had to be made – and the video on the basis of the Finnish took all the joy out of it.

the Finnish driver was the gala in the extremely talkative and lay about on the stage to go to a rare grand opera, audience taking.

If the video embed does not appear, it can also be found here.

it continued after the formalities Vegabet had ended. Russian fans image by videos of the concert hall from the outside circulating on social media and revealed that Raikkonen was still a party mood in the car while moving.

would anyone like To run? situation comedy clever Raikkonen making the fans think.

Raikkonen started the car in the spank waiting fans with a series of wild applause and left as I left for a minute to distribute autographs. High-five slap across Raikkonen spent offline for a while also, apparently, some fans had karvareuhka head.

Raikkonen representation of the Ferrari-driving are now behind us. New time for sauber on starts next season and the preceding tests.

fans of filming a video about Finland on the first Night-Say.

If the accompanying video consists of is not shown, it can also be found here.

Kimi Raikkonen made a lasting impression on the fia’s prize gala. EPA / AOP