To Demonstrate many came to Rampage a few, to Shop no one – so the image on the Champs Elysées. The government provides for economic growth. And the President promises a “major announcement”.

the protests of The “yellow West” will have according to the French government a significant influence on economic growth. “We must expect a further slowdown of economic growth, said the French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, the Reuters news Agency. After all the fun on Saturday, rioters in the city centre of Paris, visited Le Maire, several shop owners. The violence was “a disaster for the trade and for our economy,” he said.

It was already the fourth Protest Saturday in a row. In France, retailers are complaining already lost revenue in the billions. Many shops had closed and their Windows for fear of looting boarded up. Also tourist attractions such as the Eiffel tower or the Louvre remained closed, are now opened again.

Lots of transactions on the Paris showpiece Boulevard of the Champs Élysées were boarded up, several of the panes were smashed in.

125.000 on the road, 1700 feast

In the entire country, approximately 125.000 people against the policies of President Emmanuel Macron yesterday on the road. In several places – but especially in Paris there were riots. 1700 people had been Mobilbahis detained, informed the Ministry of the interior. 1220 of them were in custody, which means that you can be detained for up to 24 hours.

Macron himself said just a short time via Twitter and thanked the police for their use. The police had changed tactics and was significantly more civil servants than on the preceding Saturday.

Macron wants to make “important announcement”

Macron had last addressed at the end of November in a speech to his people, and stressed that he would not be bounced into by “thugs” a change in policy. Actually the government but the planned increase in fuel tax that had finally triggered the Protest of the “yellow West” suspended. Announced the but not Macron, but his Prime Minister, Édouard Phillipe.

Macron wants to turn in next week again to his people. He will, of course, make an “important announcement”, said a government spokesman. For more Details he called.

In the case of the protests, it is only superficial to the fuel tax, which is intended to serve climate protection. In fact, the “yellow West” in the meantime, for other concerns on the street: taxing the Rich, raising the minimum wage, or even the resignation Macrons are required. Of the violence, many of the “yellow West distance themselves”.