They could become one of the industry’s hottest names, but the rumors about John Mayer and Halsey were to date each other is just… well, rumors.

It has the stated in quite a peculiar manner.

On Instagram, like John Mayer to go live in a kind of talk show, and most recently, the singer Halsey as a guest.

– Let’s address the elephant in the room: the Rumors about you and I date, it sounded from John Mayer.

– It is time to establish the truth, came the answer from Halsey.

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Big thanks to @iamhalsey for joining me on this week’s @currentmood. There’s a lot of joy in making this little show, and it’s beginning to reveal itself as something very special. See ya next week.@jordanrubin

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And here could be the duo the choose to open your mouth and just say it. But no. To keep the excitement alive they wrote both the answer to whether they date or not on a sign, which they can then subsequently be able to return and reveal to the viewers.

And there came the answer after a bit of waiting time: No!

the Rumors about the romance between Halsey, who among other things has won a couple of Billboard Music Awards, and the Grammy-winning John Mayer are partly at fault.

Back in november, they began a series of flirtatious messages on social media, but Halsey was quick to allay those rumors to the ground. In fact, they did her a bit of harm.

‘I’ve just got a crazy idea. What if…. we let the female artists… have friends… without believing that they are going to bed with each other,’ she wrote on Instagram.

John Mayer has won many kvindehjerter. But not halsey’s. Photo: AP

But hello! It was not just it? No. A few weeks ago could Mayer not restrain themselves. Here’s what the 41-year-old singer to his 17 years younger colleague.

‘I can come by and crush your heart about the 20?’

In the live-show in John the Words of Instagram account acknowledged Halsey, it had been a fun way to announce a relationship, if they had answered ‘YES’ on their provided sign.

the Fans had a little difficulty to accept the Pinbahis message, then a selected to ask why the cave they began to date. To the came the answer.

‘The fact that we are both alpha male types, though not excessive, would make it difficult to engage in a romantic relationship. Especially because we both are driven and creative artists, who value our independence,’ came the answer on the card from both, which had seen the question coming.

the Idea that the mane rumors to the earth, so unconventional show proved to be a hit, and more of the Words of the fans paying homage to him on Instagram, where one, for example, writes.

– You win the internet, John. As always.