‘we Must film the separation of a calf from its mother and see how they both react in the days after?’

this is the sound of one of the four more or less inconvenient questions, which the activist dyreværnsorganisation Anima on Tuesday asked mejerigiganten Arla.

Anima took out this full-page advertisement in 11 newspapers on Tuesday. It should have been published in 12 newspapers, but as B. T. metro rejected it.

the Questions were on Tuesday put forward in an open letter in the newspaper ads in Jyllands-Posten, Politiken and in nine newspapers under the Jysk Fynske Media – with the result that the Arla entered into dialogue with the danes on animal welfare in milk production.

the Ad should also have been printed in the B. T. metro, but Berlingske Media, which publishes this newspaper, refused to bring it, because it provokes one particular company – namely Arla. With its enormous marketing budget, incidentally, is a major advertiser in most newspapers.

the Decision was taken by annoncedirektør Kenneth Madsen, in consultation with the responsible editor-in-chief of B. T. and B. T. metro, Michael Dyrby.

To the great wonder of Thorbjørn Schiønning, head of communications at Anima. He thinks that the stakeholder organisations have the right to in the newspaper ads that ’speak’ and ’quiet a milliardvirksomhed as Arla accountable of his way to treat the animals’, as he puts it.

– We think it is extremely strange, to Berlingske Media in this case choose to keep the truth about Arla back for his readers, he says.

– There is no at Arla, which is in doubt, the calves are separated from their mothers after a few hours. Or in doubt that healthy male calves are shot in the head with a captive bolt. There is talk about the general conditions in industrial agriculture, and we believe that with the Anima, that there is a need for a serious debate on, continues Thorbjørn Schiønning.

Extra Magazine for a chat with annoncedirektøren:

– Kenneth Madsen, why dare not press the ad?

– We stopped it, because it is in a grey area, since it specifically goes after one company, namely Apple. We have indicated to the Anima, that if it was the dairy industry in general and not a specific company that was mentioned – so we had probably assessed it differently.

– But don Arla as an absolute dominant position are conventional dairy farmer does not tolerate to be challenged – Arla is virtually synonymous with the dairy industry in Denmark?

– It can say, but we did not think that it is our task to stand for the dialogue between the two sides, Anima and Arla.

– Is there mon anything in the questions asked in the ad, there for you to see is libelous or otherwise cross-border or illegal?

Onbahis – It is a fact I am not.

– Arla has proficient communication teams and wont be able to answer for themselves, and it makes Arla actually also skillfully in this case. Why dare not let these græsrodsaktivister challenge to a dairy-giant?

– We have only been to annoncematerialet are in a gray area, because one specific company is mentioned.

– Arla is among your largest advertisers. Have they put pressure on you or try unsolicited to maintain a good commercial relationship with Arla?

– No. We have not spoken with Arla in this context. It has no meaning, that there is talk of just Arla. It’s all about, that it is one business, which is in focus. It could have been any other company.

– now, If one assumes that Anima actually right in that there are these animal welfare problems in dairy production, is it not a shame to censor a debate about it out of your newspaper?

– All are interested in a high animal welfare, but, as mentioned, is the only thing, we have conducted us to the ad’s messages addressed to a specific company.

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Arla rejects

Arla have refused to be closed about how milk production takes place.

for Politiken regard communication director Kasper Ibsen Beck to the over 250,000 citizens annually visit the farmers and see how milk is produced, to Arla invites school classes out of the stables, and to københavnerbørn can come out and sleep on a farm in Jutland and follow the production.

– We also have on our website an article in which we explain the separation of cow and calf. And it is not something that is tucked away in a corner. We also links to it from our page on Facebook, where we have written a lookup on the Animas campaign, says Kasper Ibsen Beck to Politiken.

Arla believes that an early separation between the calf and the cow gives the animals the least possible stress.

– There is a high degree of animal welfare in dairy production, and farmers are skilled to take care of the animals. But we see, unfortunately, is a trend that humanizes an animal and attach to the cow and calf feelings, as if it were people, a mother and a child. We must remember that nature is not such that the calf and cow go together. Let it be, so would the calf be for themselves and only go to its mother to die 5-6 times in a day in total for 30-60 minutes. Since it would naturally leave his mother and go in the barn along with a bunch of own size”, says Kasper Ibsen Beck to Politiken.